Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1308.0599 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

An Exoplanet's Response to Anisotropic Stellar Mass-Loss During Birth and Death    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, John D. Hadjidemetriou, Christopher A. Tout

1308.0596 (Alex Dunhill et al.)

The curiously circular orbit of Kepler-16b    [PDF]

Alex Dunhill, Richard Alexander

1308.0607 (Rosemary A. Mardling)

New developments for modern celestial mechanics. I. General coplanar three-body systems. Application to exoplanets    [PDF]

Rosemary A. Mardling

1308.0616 (David Russell)

A Proposal for New Definitions of Solar System Bodies - Planet, Moon, and Satellite    [PDF]

David Russell

1308.0629 (Jason W. Barnes et al.)

Measurement of Spin-Orbit Misalignment and Nodal Precession for the Planet around Pre-Main-Sequence Star PTFO 8-8695 From Gravity Darkening    [PDF]

Jason W. Barnes, Julian C. van Eyken, Brian K. Jackson, David R. Ciardi, Jonathan J. Fortney

1308.0648 (Zhaohuan Zhu et al.)

Particle Concentration At Planet Induced Gap Edges and Vortices: I. Inviscid 3-D Hydro Disks    [PDF]

Zhaohuan Zhu, James M. Stone, Roman R. Rafikov, Xuening Bai

1308.0825 (Farzana Meru et al.)

Growth and fragmentation of centimetre-sized dust aggregates: the dependence on aggregate size and porosity    [PDF]

Farzana Meru, Ralf J. Geretshauser, Christoph Schaefer, Roland Speith, Wilhelm Kley

1308.0882 (Ing-Guey Jiang et al.)

Investigating Close-in Exoplanets through Transit Observations    [PDF]

Ing-Guey Jiang, Li-Chin Yeh, Parijat Thakur, Ping Chien, Yi-Ling Lin, Yu-Ting Wu, Hong-Yu Chen, Zhao Sun, Jianghui Ji

1308.0899 (P. von Paris et al.)

The dependence of the ice-albedo feedback on atmospheric properties    [PDF]

P. von Paris, F. Selsis, D. Kitzmann, H. Rauer

1308.0921 (Thorben Kelling et al.)

Accretion through the inner edges of protoplanetary disks by a giant solid state pump    [PDF]

Thorben Kelling, Gerhard Wurm

1308.0996 (Yang Ming et al.)

Confirmation of 8 Planets in 4 Multi-planet Systems via TTVs in 1350 Days    [PDF]

Yang Ming, Liu Hui-Gen, Zhang Hui, Zhou Ji-Lin

1308.1058 (G. R. Mamatsashvili et al.)

Revisiting linear dynamics of non-axisymmetric perturbations in weakly magnetized accretion discs    [PDF]

G. R. Mamatsashvili, G. D. Chagelishvili, G. Bodo, P. Rossi

Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0562 (S. Ueta et al.)

Structure of Surface-H2O Layers of Ice-covered Planets with High-pressure Ice    [PDF]

S. Ueta, T. Sasaki

1308.0561 (Vincent Bourrier et al.)

3D model of hydrogen atmospheric escape from HD209458b and HD189733b: radiative blow-out and stellar wind interactions    [PDF]

Vincent Bourrier, Alain Lecavelier des Etangs

1308.0337 (D. Föhring et al.)

ULTRACAM z'-band Detection of the Secondary Eclipse of WASP-12b    [PDF]

D. Föhring, V. S. Dhillon, Nikku Madhusudhan, T. R. Marsh, C. M. Copperwheat, S. P. Littlefair, Richard W. Wilson

1308.0373 (A. Hees et al.)

How to test SME with space missions ?    [PDF]

A. Hees, B. Lamine, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, P. Wolf

1308.0446 (J. Hanuš et al.)

Sizes of main-belt asteroids by combining shape models and Keck adaptive aptics observations    [PDF]

J. Hanuš, F. Marchis, J. Ďurech

1308.0511 (F. Tian)

Conservation of Total Escape from Hydrodynamic Planetary Atmospheres    [PDF]

F. Tian

1308.0563 (Malgorzata Krolikowska et al.)

Near-parabolic comets observed in 2006-2010. The individualized approach to 1/a-determination and the new distribution of original and future orbits    [PDF]

Malgorzata Krolikowska, Piotr A. Dybczynski

1308.0571 (J. M. Madiedo et al.)

Spectroscopy and Orbital Analysis of Bright Bolides Observed over the Iberian Peninsula from 2010 to 2012    [PDF]

J. M. Madiedo, J. M. Trigo-Rodriguez, J. L. Ortiz, A. J. Castro-Tirado, S. Pastor, J. A. de los Reyes, J. Cabrera-Cano

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0009 (David M. Kipping)

Efficient, uninformative sampling of limb darkening coefficients for two-parameter laws    [PDF]

David M. Kipping

1308.0014 (R. E. Pike et al.)

On a Possible Size/Color Relationship in the Kuiper Belt    [PDF]

R. E. Pike, J. J. Kavelaars

1308.0016 (Ryan M. O'Leary et al.)

It takes a village to raise a tide: nonlinear multiple-mode coupling and mode identification in KOI-54    [PDF]

Ryan M. O'Leary, Joshua Burkart

1308.0114 (Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar et al.)

The low-mass stellar population in the young cluster Tr37: Disk evolution, accretion, and environment    [PDF]

Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar, Jinyoung Serena Kim, Andrej Sobolev, Konstantin Getman, Thomas Henning, Min Fang

1308.0190 (N. V. Erkaev et al.)

Escape of the martian protoatmosphere and initial water inventory    [PDF]

N. V. Erkaev, H. Lammer, L. Elkins-Tanton, A. Stökl, P. Odert, E. Marcq, E. A. Dorfi, K. G. Kislyakova, Yu. N. Kulikov, M. Leitzinger, M. Güdel

1308.0216 (M. H. M. Morais et al.)

Asteroids in retrograde resonance with Jupiter and Saturn    [PDF]

M. H. M. Morais, F. Namouni

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8119 (Katherine M. Deck et al.)

First order resonance overlap and the stability of close two planet systems    [PDF]

Katherine M. Deck, Matthew Payne, Matthew J. Holman

1307.8128 (Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda et al.)

Kepler-63b: A Giant Planet in a Polar Orbit around a Young Sun-like Star    [PDF]

Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda, Joshua N. Winn, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Andrew W. Howard, Howard Isaacson, John Asher Johnson, Guillermo Torres, Simon Albrecht, Tiago L. Campante, William J. Chaplin, Guy R. Davies, Mikkel L. Lund, Joshua A. Carter, Rebekah I. Dawson, Lars A. Buchhave, Mark E. Everett, Debra A. Fischer, John C. Geary, Ronald L. Gilliland, Elliott P. Horch, Steve B. Howell, David W. Latham

1307.8218 (M. N. Vahia et al.)

Ancient eclipses and long-term drifts in the Earth - Moon system    [PDF]

M. N. Vahia, Saurabh Singh, Amit Seta, B. V. Subbarayappa

1307.8253 (J. Boissier et al.)

Millimetre continuum observations of comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)    [PDF]

J. Boissier, D. Bockelée-Morvan, O. Groussin, P. Lamy, N. Biver, J. Crovisier, P. Colom, R. Moreno, L. Jorda, V. Piétu

1307.8422 (Junwei Zhao et al.)

Detection of Equatorward Meridional Flow and Evidence of Double-Cell Meridional Circulation inside the Sun    [PDF]

Junwei Zhao, R. S. Bogart, A. G. Kosovichev, T. L. Duvall, Jr., Thomas Hartlep

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7753 (Nicola Scafetta et al.)

Empirical evidences for a planetary modulation of total solar irradiance and the TSI signature of the 1.09-year Earth-Jupiter conjunction cycle    [PDF]

Nicola Scafetta, Richard C. Willson

1307.7776 (Masahiro Ogihara et al.)

Condition for Capture into First-order Mean Motion Resonances and Application to Constraints on Origin of Resonant Systems    [PDF]

Masahiro Ogihara, Hiroshi Kobayashi

1307.7870 (A. Mortier et al.)

New and updated stellar parameters for 71 evolved planet hosts. On the metallicity - giant planet connection    [PDF]

A. Mortier, N. C. Santos, S. G. Sousa, V. Zh. Adibekyan, E. Delgado Mena, M. Tsantaki, G. Israelian, M. Mayor

1307.7893 (Jonathan Horner et al.)

A Detailed Dynamical Investigation of the Proposed QS Virginis Planetary System    [PDF]

Jonathan Horner, Robert A Wittenmyer, Tobias C Hinse, Jonathan P Marshall, Alex J Mustill, Chris G Tinney

1307.7918 (C. de la Fuente Marcos et al.)

The Chelyabinsk superbolide: a fragment of asteroid 2011 EO40?    [PDF]

C. de la Fuente Marcos, R. de la Fuente Marcos

1307.7960 (B. Kirov et al.)

Long-term variations of geomagnetic activity and their solar sources    [PDF]

B. Kirov, V. N. Obridko, K. Georgieva, E. V. Nepomnyashtaya, B. D. Shelting

1307.7978 (C. Snodgrass et al.)

Beginning of activity in 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and predictions for 2014/5    [PDF]

C. Snodgrass, C. Tubiana, D. M. Bramich, K. Meech, H. Boehnhardt, L. Barrera

1307.7984 (Akimasa Kataoka et al.)

Fluffy dust forms icy planetesimals by static compression    [PDF]

Akimasa Kataoka, Hidekazu Tanaka, Satoshi Okuzumi, Koji Wada

1307.8038 (Konstantin Batygin et al.)

Magnetically Controlled Circulation on Hot Extrasolar Planets    [PDF]

Konstantin Batygin, Sabine Stanley, David J. Stevenson

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1307.7147 (Philip F. Hopkins)

A Theory of Grain Clustering in Turbulence: The Origin and Nature of Large Density Fluctuations    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1307.7161 (Markus Janson)

A Systematic Search for Trojan Planets in the Kepler data    [PDF]

Markus Janson

1307.7174 (Jonathan P. Williams et al.)

A SCUBA-2 850 micron survey of protoplanetary discs in the sigma Orionis cluster    [PDF]

Jonathan P. Williams, Lucas A. Cieza, Sean M. Andrews, Iain M. Coulson, Amy J. Barger, Caitlin M. Casey, Chian-Chou Chen, Lennox L. Cowie, Michael Koss, Nicholas Lee, David B. Sanders

1307.7279 (P. Figueira et al.)

Line-profile variations in radial-velocity measurements: Two alternative indicators for planetary searches    [PDF]

P. Figueira, N. C. Santos, F. Pepe, C. Lovis, N. Nardetto

1307.7330 (Aviv Ofir)

Optimizing the search for transiting planets in long time series    [PDF]

Aviv Ofir

1307.7439 (Chunhua Qi et al.)

Imaging of the CO Snow Line in a Solar Nebula Analog    [PDF]

Chunhua Qi, Karin I. Oberg, David J. Wilner, Paola d'Alessio, Edwin Bergin, Sean M. Andrews, Geoffrey A. Blake, Michiel R. Hogerheijde, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1307.7517 (T. G. Mueller et al.)

Physical Properties of Asteroid (308635) 2005 YU55 derived from multi-instrument infrared observations during a very close Earth-Approach    [PDF]

T. G. Mueller, T. Miyata, C. Kiss, M. A. Gurwell, S. Hasegawa, E. Vilenius, S. Sako, T. Kamizuka, T. Nakamura, K. Asano, M. Uchiyama, M. Konishi, M. Yoneda, T. Ootsubo, F. Usui, Y. Yoshii, M. Kidger, B. Altieri, R. Lorente, A. Pal, L. O'Rourke, L. Metcalfe

1307.7549 (Thomas M Davison et al.)

The early impact histories of meteorite parent bodies    [PDF]

Thomas M Davison, David P O'Brien, Fred J Ciesla, Gareth S Collins

1307.7640 (Paul Robertson et al.)

Secretly Eccentric: The Giant Planet and Activity Cycle of GJ 328    [PDF]

Paul Robertson, Michael Endl, William D. Cochran, Phillip J. MacQueen, Alan P. Boss

Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6857 (Eric B. Bechter et al.)

WASP-12b and HAT-P-8b are Members of Triple Star Systems    [PDF]

Eric B. Bechter, Justin R. Crepp, Henry Ngo, Heather A. Knutson, Konstantin Batygin, Sasha Hinkley, Phillip S. Muirhead, John Asher Johnson, Andrew W. Howard, Benjamin T. Montet, Christopher T. Matthews, Timothy D. Morton

1307.6869 (D. C. Lis et al.)

A Herschel Study of D/H in Water in the Jupiter-Family Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova and Prospects for D/H Measurements with CCAT    [PDF]

D. C. Lis, N. Biver, D. Bockelee-Morvan, P. Hartogh, E. A. Bergin, G. A. Blake, J. Crovisier, N. de Val-Borro, E. Jehin, M. Kuppers, J. Manfroid, R. Moreno, M. Rengel, S. Szutowicz

1307.6910 (Yusuke Tsukamoto et al.)

Formation, orbital and thermal evolution, and survival of planetary-mass clumps in the early phase of circumstellar disk evolution    [PDF]

Yusuke Tsukamoto, Masahiro N. Machida, Shuichiro Inutsuka

1307.6959 (V. Van Eylen et al.)

Investigation of systematic effects in Kepler data: Seasonal variations in the light curve of HAT-P-7b    [PDF]

V. Van Eylen, M. Lindholm Nielsen, B. Hinrup, B. Tingley, H. Kjeldsen

1307.6984 (Farhan Feroz et al.)

Bayesian analysis of radial velocity data of GJ667C with correlated noise: evidence for no more than 3 planets    [PDF]

Farhan Feroz, Mike Hobson

1307.7062 (Justin C. Eiland et al.)

N-Body Simulation of the Formation of the Earth-Moon System from a Single Giant Impact    [PDF]

Justin C. Eiland, Travis C. Salzillo, Brett H. Hokr, Justin L. Highland, Bryant M. Wyatt

Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6557 (Andrew C. Overholt et al.)

Cosmogenic nuclide enhancement via deposition from long-period comets as a test of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis    [PDF]

Andrew C. Overholt, Adrian L. Melott

1307.6608 (Vishnu Reddy et al.)

Comparing Dawn, Hubble Space Telescope, and Ground-Based Interpretations of (4) Vesta    [PDF]

Vishnu Reddy, Jian-Yang Li, Lucille Le Corre, Jennifer E. C. Scully, Robert Gaskell, Christopher T. Russell, Ryan S. Park, Andreas Nathues, Carol Raymond, Michael J. Gaffey, Holger Sierks, Kris J. Becker, Lucy A. McFadden

1307.6722 (M. Gillon et al.)

Search for a habitable terrestrial planet transiting the nearby red dwarf GJ 1214    [PDF]

M. Gillon, B. -O. Demory, N. Madhusudhan, D. Deming, S. Seager, H. A. Knutson, A. Lanotte, X. Bonfils, J. -M. Desert, L. Delrez, E. Jehin, J. D. Fraine, P. Magain, A. H. M. J. Triaud

1307.6806 (Nader Haghighipour et al.)

Detection of Earth-mass and Super-Earth Trojan Planets Using Transit Timing Variation Method    [PDF]

Nader Haghighipour, Stephanie Capen, Tobias C. Hinse

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6335 (C. Han et al.)

Microlensing Planet Around Brown-Dwarf    [PDF]

C. Han, Y. K. Jung, A. Udalski, T. Sumi, B. S. Gaudi, A. Gould, D. P. Bennett, Y. Tsapras, M. K. Szymański, M. Kubiak, G. Pietrzyński, I. Soszyński, J. Skowron, S. Kozłowski, R. Poleski, K. Ulaczyk, Ł. Wyrzykowski, P. Pietrukowicz, F. Abe, I. A. Bond, C. S. Botzler, P. Chote, M. Freeman, A. Fukui, K. Furusawa, P. Harris, Y. Itow, C. H. Ling, K. Masuda, Y. Matsubara, Y. Muraki, K. Ohnishi, N. J. Rattenbury, To. Saito, D. J. Sullivan, W. L. Sweatman, D. Suzuki, P. J. Tristram, K. Wada, P. C. M. Yock, V. Batista, G. Christie, J. -Y. Choi, D. L. DePoy, Subo Dong, K. -H. Hwang, A. Kavka, C. -U. Lee, L. A. G. Monard, T. Natusch, H. Ngan, H. Park, R. W. Pogge, I. Porritt, I. -G. Shin, T. G. Tan, J. C. Yee, K. A. Alsubai, D. M. Bramich, P. Browne, M. Dominik, K. Horne, M. Hundertmark, S. Ipatov, N. Kains, C. Liebig, C. Snodgrass, I. A. Steele, R. A. Street

1307.6450 (S. Ida et al.)

Toward a Deterministic Model of Planetary Formation VII: Eccentricity Distribution of Gas Giants    [PDF]

S. Ida, D. N. C. Lin, M. Nagasawa

1307.6532 (Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew et al.)

Discovery of WASP-65b and WASP-75b: Two Hot Jupiters Without Highly Inflated Radii    [PDF]

Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew, F. Faedi, D. Pollacco, D. J. A. Brown, A. P. Doyle, A. Collier Cameron, M. Gillon, M. Lendl, B. Smalley, A. H. M. J. Triaud, R. G. West, P. J. Wheatley, R. Busuttil, C. Liebig, D. R. Anderson, D. J. Armstrong, S. C. C. Barros, J. Bento, J. Bochinski, V. Burwitz, L. Delrez, B. Enoch, A. Fumel, C. A. Haswell, G. Hébrard, C. Hellier, S. Holmes, E. Jehin, U. Kolb, J. McCormac, G. R. M. Miller, A. J. Norton, F. Pepe, D. Queloz, J. Rodríguez, D. Ségransan, I. Skillen, K. G. Stassun, S. Udry, C. A. Watson

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5842 (Søren Meibom et al.)

The same frequency of planets inside and outside open clusters of stars    [PDF]

Søren Meibom, Guillermo Torres, Francois Fressin, David W. Latham, Jason F. Rowe, David R. Ciardi, Steven T. Bryson, Leslie A. Rogers, Christopher E. Henze, Kenneth Janes, Sydney A. Barnes, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Howard Isaacson, Debra A. Fischer, Steve B. Howell, Elliott P. Horch, Jon M. Jenkins, Simon C. Schuler, Justin Crepp

1307.5849 (Benjamin T. Montet et al.)

The TRENDS High-Contrast Imaging Survey. IV. The Occurrence Rate of Giant Planets around M-Dwarfs    [PDF]

Benjamin T. Montet, Justin R. Crepp, John Asher Johnson, Andrew W. Howard, Geoffrey W. Marcy

1307.5874 (S. Ciceri et al.)

Simultaneous follow-up of planetary transits: revised physical properties for the planetary systems HAT-P-16 and WASP-21    [PDF]

S. Ciceri, L. Mancini, J. Southworth, N. Nikolov, V. Bozza, I. Bruni, S. Calchi Novati, G. D'Ago, Th. Henning

1307.5916 (W. Lyra et al.)

Formation of sharp eccentric rings in debris disks with gas but without planets    [PDF]

W. Lyra, M. Kuchner

1307.6048 (Robert J. Teed et al.)

The dynamics and excitation of torsional waves in geodynamo simulations    [PDF]

Robert J. Teed, Chris A. Jones, Steven M. Tobias

1307.6191 (Y. R. Fernandez et al.)

Thermal Properties, Sizes, and Size Distribution of Jupiter-Family Cometary Nuclei    [PDF]

Y. R. Fernandez, M. S. Kelley, P. L. Lamy, I. Toth, O. Groussin, C. M. Lisse, M. F. A'Hearn, J. M. Bauer, H. Campins, A. Fitzsimmons, J. Licandro, S. C. Lowry, K. J. Meech, J. Pittichova, W. T. Reach, C. Snodgrass, H. A. Weaver

Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5072 (A. Müller et al.)

Reanalysis of the FEROS observations of HIP 11952    [PDF]

A. Müller, V. Roccatagliata, Th. Henning, D. Fedele, A. Pasquali, E. Caffau, M. V. Rodríguez-Ledesma, M. Mohler-Fischer, U. Seemann, R. J. Klement

1307.5096 (Adrian J. Brown)

On the effects of size factor on albedo versus wavelength for light scattered by small particles under Mie and Rayleigh regimes    [PDF]

Adrian J. Brown

1307.5192 (M. J. Boschini et al.)

Geomagnetic Backtracing: A comparison of Tsyganenko 1996 and 2005 External Field models with AMS-02 data    [PDF]

M. J. Boschini, C. Consolandi, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, S. Haino, G. La Vacca, S. Pensotti, P. G. Rancoita, D. Rozza, M. Tacconi

1307.5195 (P. Bobik et al.)

Suprathermal particle addition to solar wind pressure: possible influence on magnetospheric transmissivity of low energy cosmic rays?    [PDF]

P. Bobik, M. J. Boschini, C. Consolandi, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, K. Kudela, G. La Vacca, M. Mallamaci, S. Pensotti, P. G. Rancoita, D. Rozza, M. Tacconi

1307.5196 (P. Bobik et al.)

GeoMag and HelMod webmodels version for magnetosphere and heliosphere transport of cosmic rays    [PDF]

P. Bobik, M. J. Boschini, C. Consolandi, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, K. Kudela, G. La Vacca, S. Pensotti, M. Putis, P. G. Rancoita, D. Rozza, M. Tacconi

1307.5199 (P. Bobik et al.)

Cosmic Ray Modulation studied with HelMod Monte Carlo tool and comparison with Ulysses Fast Scan Data during consecutive Solar Minima    [PDF]

P. Bobik, G. Boella, M. J. Boschini, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, G. La Vacca, K. Kudela, S. Pensotti, P. G. Rancoita, D. Rozza, M. Tacconi

1307.5274 (Jorge Melendez)

The Sun. A typical star in the solar neighborhood?    [PDF]

Jorge Melendez

Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4751 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Constraints of the gravitational Local Position Invariance from Solar System planetary precessions    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio

1307.4753 (George Zhou et al.)

Examining the broadband emission spectrum of WASP-19b: A new z band eclipse detection    [PDF]

George Zhou, Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer, Daniel D. R. Bayliss, Jeremy Bailey

1307.4754 (Jacco Vink et al.)

A critical shock Mach number for particle acceleration: M=sqrt(5)    [PDF]

Jacco Vink, Ryo Yamazaki

1307.4761 (Miles Timpe et al.)

Secular Behavior of Exoplanets: Self-Consistency and Comparisons with the Planet-Planet Scattering Hypothesis    [PDF]

Miles Timpe, Rory Barnes, Ravikumar Kopparapu, Sean N. Raymond, Richard Greenberg, Noel Gorelick

1307.4760 (Natalie R. Hinkel et al.)

Habitability of Exomoons at the Hill or Tidal Locking Radius    [PDF]

Natalie R. Hinkel, Stephen R. Kane

1307.4811 (Yasuhiro Hasegawa et al.)

Do Giant Planets Survive Type II Migration?    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Hasegawa, Shigeru Ida

1307.4864 (Y. Alibert et al.)

Theoretical models of planetary system formation: mass vs semi-major axis    [PDF]

Y. Alibert, F. Carron, A. Fortier, S. Pfyffer, W. Benz, C. Mordasini, D. Swoboda

1307.4874 (Man Hoi Lee et al.)

Are the Kepler Near-Resonance Planet Pairs due to Tidal Dissipation?    [PDF]

Man Hoi Lee, D. Fabrycky, D. N. C. Lin

1307.4885 (M. Fulle et al.)

Potassium detection and Lithium depletion in comets C/2011 L4 (Panstarrs) and C/1965 S1 (Ikeya-Seki)    [PDF]

M. Fulle, P. Molaro, L. Buzzi, P. Valisa

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4425 (Duncan Christie et al.)

Hα Absorption in Transiting Exoplanet Atmospheres    [PDF]

Duncan Christie, Phil Arras, Zhi-Yun Li

1307.4445 (A. O. Ribeiro et al.)

V-type asteroids among the Mars crosser population    [PDF]

A. O. Ribeiro, F. Roig, M. Cañada-Assandri, J. M. F. Carvano, F. L. Jasmin, A. Alvarez-Candal, R. Gil-Hutton

1307.4624 (Paul A. Mason et al.)

Rotational Synchronization May Enhance Habitability for Circumbinary Planets: Kepler Binary Case Studies    [PDF]

Paul A. Mason, Jorge I. Zuluaga, Joni Clark, Pablo A. Cuartas

1307.4675 (L. Lamy et al.)

Multi-spectral simultaneous diagnosis of Saturns aurorae throughout a planetary rotation    [PDF]

L. Lamy, R. Prangé, W. Pryor, J. Gustin, S. V. Badman, H. Melin, T. Stallard, D. G. Mitchell, P. C. Brandt

1307.4704 (Dimitra Atri et al.)

Galactic cosmic ray induced radiation dose on terrestrial exoplanets    [PDF]

Dimitra Atri, B. Hariharan, Jean-Mathias Griessmeier

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4080 (Saul Rappaport et al.)

The Roche limit for close-orbiting planets: Minimum density, composition constraints, and application to the 4.2-hour planet KOI 1843.03    [PDF]

Saul Rappaport, Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda, Leslie A. Rogers, Alan Levine, Joshua N. Winn

1307.4084 (Radosław Poleski et al.)

Super-massive planets around late-type stars - the case of OGLE-2012-BLG-0406Lb    [PDF]

Radosław Poleski, Andrzej Udalski, Subo Dong, Michał K. Szymański, Igor Soszyński, Marcin Kubiak, Grzegorz Pietrzyński, Szymon Kozłowski, Paweł Pietrukowicz, Krzysztof Ulaczyk, Jan Skowron, Łukasz Wyrzykowski, Andy Gould

1307.4093 (Thayne Currie et al.)

The Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics Imager: First Results and On-Sky Performance    [PDF]

Thayne Currie, Olivier Guyon, Frantz Martinache, Christophe Clergeon, Michael McElwain, Christian Thalmann, Nemanja Jovanovic, Garima Singh, Tomoyuki Kudo

1307.4117 (Jan Forbrich et al.)

An Astrometric Search for a Sub-stellar Companion of the M8.5 Dwarf TVLM 513-46546 Using Very Long Baseline Interferometry    [PDF]

Jan Forbrich, Edo Berger, Mark J. Reid

1307.4240 (Dino Mesa et al.)

Performances tests on the SPHERE-IFS    [PDF]

Dino Mesa, Raffaele Gratton, Riccardo U. Claudi, Silvano Desidera, Enrico Giro, Alice Zurlo, Anne Costille, Arthur Vigan, Claire Moutou, Jean-Luc Beuzit, Kjetil Dohlen, Markus Feldt, David Mouillet, Jean-Francois Sauvage, Markus Kasper

1307.4253 (Dimitra Atri et al.)

Biological radiation dose from secondary particles in a Milky Way gamma ray burst    [PDF]

Dimitra Atri, Adrian L. Melott, Andrew Karam

1307.4266 (C. A. L. Bailer-Jones et al.)

Evidence for periodicities in the extinction record? Response to Melott & Bambach [arXiv:1307.1884]    [PDF]

C. A. L. Bailer-Jones, F. Feng

1307.4286 (Giovanni Picogna et al.)

Three-dimensional modeling of radiative disks in binaries    [PDF]

Giovanni Picogna, Francesco Marzari

1307.4368 (Kassandra R. Anderson et al.)

Viscous Evolution and Photoevaporation of Circumstellar Disks due to External FUV Radiation Fields    [PDF]

Kassandra R. Anderson, Fred C. Adams, Nuria Calvet

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3560 (Angelo Ricarte et al.)

Resolving The Moth at Millimeter Wavelengths    [PDF]

Angelo Ricarte, Noel Moldvai, A. Meredith Hughes, Gaspard Duchêne, Jonathan P. Williams, Sean M. Andrews, David J. Wilner

1307.3706 (Nicola Scafetta)

Solar and planetary oscillation control on climate change: hind-cast, forecast and a comparison with the CMIP5 GCMs    [PDF]

Nicola Scafetta

1307.3708 (Farzana Meru et al.)

Growth of grains in Brown Dwarf disks    [PDF]

Farzana Meru, Marina Galvagni, Christoph Olczak

1307.3754 (A. García Muñoz et al.)

Limb imaging of the Venus O2 visible nightglow with the Venus Monitoring Camera    [PDF]

A. García Muñoz, R. Hueso, A. Sánchez-Lavega, W. J. Markiewicz, D. V. Titov, O. Witasse, A. Opitz

1307.3770 (Wladimir Lyra et al.)

Steady state of dust distributions in disk vortices: Observational predictions and applications to transitional disks    [PDF]

Wladimir Lyra, Min-Kai Lin

1307.3849 (Du Jiulin)

Transport coefficients in Lorentz plasmas with the power-law kappa-distribution    [PDF]

Du Jiulin

1307.3873 (Celine Guervilly et al.)

Effect of metallic walls on dynamos generated by laminar boundary-driven flow in a spherical domain    [PDF]

Celine Guervilly, Toby S. Wood, Nicholas H. Brummell

1307.3908 (Hui-Gen Liu et al.)

Configurations of Bounded and Free-floating Planets in Very Young Open Clusters    [PDF]

Hui-Gen Liu, Hui Zhang, Ji-Lin Zhou

Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3257 (Paul Rimmer et al.)

Ionization in atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and extrasolar planets IV. The Effect of Cosmic Rays    [PDF]

Paul Rimmer, Christiane Helling

1307.3308 (Peng Jiang et al.)

Very Low Mass Stellar and Substellar Companions to Solar-like Stars From MARVELS IV: A Candidate Brown Dwarf or Low-Mass Stellar Companion to HIP 67526    [PDF]

Peng Jiang, Jian Ge, Phillip Cargile, Justin R. Crepp, Nathan De Lee, Gustavo F. Porto de Mello, Massimiliano Esposito, Letícia D. Ferreira, Bruno Femenia, Scott W. Fleming, B. Scott Gaudi, Luan Ghezzi, Jonay I. González Hernández, Leslie Hebb, Brian L. Lee, Bo Ma, Keivan G. Stassun, Ji Wang, John P. Wisniewski, Eric Agol, Dmitry Bizyaev, Howard Brewington, Liang Chang, Luiz Nicolaci da Costa, Jason D. Eastman, Garrett Ebelke, Bruce Gary, Stephen R. Kane, Rui Li, Jian Liu, Suvrath Mahadevan, Marcio A. G. Maia, Viktor Malanushenko, Elena Malanushenko, Demitri Muna, Duy Cuong Nguyen, Ricardo L. C. Ogando, Audrey Oravetz, Daniel Oravetz, Kaike Pan, Joshua Pepper, Martin Paegert, Carlos Allende Prieto, Rafael Rebolo, Basilio X. Santiago, Donald P. Schneider, Alaina C. Shelden Bradley, Thirupathi Sivarani, Stephanie Snedden, J. C. van Eyken, Xiaoke Wan, Benjamin A. Weaver, Bo Zhao

1307.3350 (P. Pastor)

Averaged resonant equations for non-gravitational effects without a spherical symmetry and their application for an interstellar gas flow    [PDF]

P. Pastor

1307.3441 (John Asher Johnson et al.)

On Lloyd's "The Mass Distribution of Subgiant Planet Hosts" (arXiv:1306.6627v1)    [PDF]

John Asher Johnson, Jason T. Wright

1307.3493 (A. Zurlo et al.)

IRDIS, the dual-band imager camera of SPHERE: testing the performances in laboratory    [PDF]

A. Zurlo, A. Vigan, C. Moutou, D. Mesa, R. Gratton, M. Langlois, J. -L. Beuzit, A. Costille, S. Desidera, K. Dolhen, C. Gry, F. Madec, D. Le Mignant, D. Mouillet, J. -F. Sauvage

Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2899 (Katherine Wyman et al.)

Probing Our Heliospheric History I: High-Resolution Observations of Na I and Ca II Along the Solar Historical Trajectory    [PDF]

Katherine Wyman, Seth Redfield

1307.2897 (Christophe Cossou et al.)

Making systems of Super Earths by inward migration of planetary embryos    [PDF]

Christophe Cossou, Sean N. Raymond, Arnaud Pierens

1307.2935 (Ioannis Haranas et al.)

The Lens-Thirring effect in the anomalistic period of celestial bodies    [PDF]

Ioannis Haranas, Omiros Ragos, Ioannis Gkigkitzis

1307.2944 (R. L. Akeson et al.)

The NASA Exoplanet Archive: Data and Tools for Exoplanet Research    [PDF]

R. L. Akeson, X. Chen, D. Ciardi, M. Crane, J. Good, M. Harbut, E. Jackson, S. R. Kane, A. C. Laity, S. Leifer, M. Lynn, D. L. McElroy, M. Papin, P. Plavchan, S. V. Ramirez, R. Rey, K. von Braun, M. Wittman, M. Abajian, B. Ali, C. Beichman, A. Beekley, G. B. Berriman, S. Berukoff, G. Bryden, B. Chan, S. Groom, C. Lau, A. N. Payne, M. Regelson, M. Saucedo, M. Schmitz, J. Stauffer, P. Wyatt, A. Zhang

1307.3034 (Kenji Kurosaki et al.)

Impact of photoevaporative mass loss on masses and radii of water-rich sub/super-Earths    [PDF]

Kenji Kurosaki, Masahiro Ikoma, Yasunori Hori

1307.3178 (Zachory K. Berta et al.)

Constraints on Planet Occurrence around Nearby Mid-to-Late M Dwarfs from the MEarth Project    [PDF]

Zachory K. Berta, Jonathan Irwin, David Charbonneau

1307.3230 (R. Sfair)

Dynamics of the dust rings and satellites of Uranus and of the Saturn's F-ring    [PDF]

R. Sfair

1307.3239 (Thomas M. Evans et al.)

The Deep Blue Color of HD189733b: Albedo Measurements with Hubble Space Telescope/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph at Visible Wavelengths    [PDF]

Thomas M. Evans, Frédéric Pont, David K. Sing, Suzanne Aigrain, Joanna K. Barstow, Jean-Michel Désert, Neale Gibson, Kevin Heng, Heather A. Knutson, Alain Lecavelier des Etangs

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2585 (Jaehan Bae et al.)

Long-term Evolution of Photoevaporating Protoplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Jaehan Bae, Lee Hartmann, Zhaohuan Zhu, Clarles Gammie

1307.2682 (Francesco Volponi)

Non-axisymmetric vertical shear and convective instabilities as a mechanism of angular momentum transport    [PDF]

Francesco Volponi

1307.2726 (O. Dionatos et al.)

DIGIT: Herschel and Spitzer spectro-imaging of SMM3 and SMM4 in Serpens    [PDF]

O. Dionatos, J. K. Jørgensen, J. D. Green, G. J. Herczeg, N. J. Evans II, L. E. Kristensen, J. E. Lindberg, E. F. van Dishoeck

1307.2886 (M. Kuzuhara et al.)

Direct Imaging of a Cold Jovian Exoplanet in Orbit around the Sun-like Star GJ 504    [PDF]

M. Kuzuhara, M. Tamura, T. Kudo, M. Janson, R. Kandori, T. D. Brandt, C. Thalmann, D. Spiegel, B. Biller, J. Carson, Y. Hori, R. Suzuki, A. Burrows, T. Henning, E. L. Turner, M. W. McElwain, A. Moro-Martin, T. Suenaga, Y. H. Takahashi, J. Kwon, P. Lucas, L. Abe, W. Brandner, S. Egner, M. Feldt, H. Fujiwara, M. Goto, C. A. Grady, O. Guyon, J. Hashimoto, Y. Hayano, M. Hayashi, S. S. Hayashi, K. W. Hodapp, M. Ishii, M. Iye, G. R. Knapp, T. Matsuo, S. Mayama, S. Miyama, J. -I. Morino, J. Nishikawa, T. Nishimura, T. Kotani, N. Kusakabe, T. -S. Pyo, E. Serabyn, H. Suto, M. Takami, N. Takato, H. Terada, D. Tomono, M. Watanabe, J. P. Wisniewski, T. Yamada, H. Takami, T. Usuda

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2240 (James E. Owen et al.)

Testing protoplanetary disc dispersal with radio emission    [PDF]

James E. Owen, Anna M. M. Scaife, Barbara Ercolano

1307.2249 (George Zhou et al.)

A highly inclined orbit for the 110-day period planet candidate KOI-368.01    [PDF]

George Zhou, Xu Chelsea Huang

1307.2271 (Eduard I. Vorobyov et al.)

The effect of episodic accretion on the phase transition of CO and CO_2 in low-mass star formation    [PDF]

Eduard I. Vorobyov, I. Baraffe, T. Harries, G. Chabrier

1307.2284 (Adrian J. Brown et al.)

Climatology of the Martian Polar Regions: Three Mars Years of CRISM/MARCI Observations of Atmospheric Clouds and Dust    [PDF]

Adrian J. Brown, Michael J. Wolff

1307.2341 (A. F. Lanza)

Star-planet magnetic interaction and evaporation of planetary atmospheres    [PDF]

A. F. Lanza

1307.2424 (Francesca DeMeo et al.)

The taxonomic distribution of asteroids from multi-filter all-sky photometric surveys    [PDF]

Francesca DeMeo, Benoit Carry

1307.2565 (Camille Bilger et al.)

Small hydrocarbon molecules in cloud-forming Brown Dwarf and giant gas planet atmospheres    [PDF]

Camille Bilger, Paul Rimmer, Christiane Helling

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1735 (Kate Y. L. Su et al.)

Signpost of Multiple Planets in Debris Disks    [PDF]

Kate Y. L. Su, George H. Rieke

1307.1822 (J. A. Correa-Otto et al.)

A new scenario for the origin of the 3/2 resonant system HD45364    [PDF]

J. A. Correa-Otto, T. A. Michtchenko, C. Beaugé

1307.1884 (Adrian L. Melott et al.)

Do Periodicities in Extinction -- with Possible Astronomical Connections -- Survive a Revision of the Geological Timescale?    [PDF]

Adrian L. Melott, Richard K. Bambach

1307.1967 (Yu. I. Lobanovsky)

Parameters of Chelyabinsk and Tunguska Objects and their Explosion Modes    [PDF]

Yu. I. Lobanovsky

1307.2003 (A. Santerne et al.)

An unconsidered configuration of astrophysical false positives in exoplanet-transit surveys    [PDF]

A. Santerne, F. Fressin, R. F. Díaz, P. Figueira, J. -M. Almenara, N. C. Santos

1307.2012 (V. Zh. Adibekyan et al.)

Is there plenty of metal-poor stars with planets in the Galactic thick disk?    [PDF]

V. Zh. Adibekyan, N. C. Santos, S. G. Sousa, G. Israelian, P. Figueira

1307.2033 (A. Vazan et al.)

The Effect of Composition on the Evolution of Giant and Intermediate-Mass Planets    [PDF]

A. Vazan, A. Kovetz, M. Podolak, R. Helled

1307.2083 (C. M. Huitson et al.)

An HST Optical to Near-IR Transmission Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-19b: Detection of Atmospheric Water and Likely Absence of TiO    [PDF]

C. M. Huitson, D. K. Sing, F. Pont, J. J. Fortney, A. S. Burrows, P. A. Wilson, G. E. Ballester, N. Nikolov, N. P. Gibson, D. Deming, S. Aigrain, T. M. Evans, G. W. Henry, A. Lecavelier des Etangs, A. P. Showman, A. Vidal-Madjar, K. Zahnle

1307.2095 (Miguel Querejeta)

On the Eclipse of Thales, Cycles and Probabilities    [PDF]

Miguel Querejeta

Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1469 (Peter W. Sullivan et al.)

Precision of a Low-Cost InGaAs Detector for Near Infrared Photometry    [PDF]

Peter W. Sullivan, Bryce Croll, Robert A. Simcoe

1307.1580 (Hamed Pourkhorsandi)

Search for Impact Craters in Iran: Citizen Science as a Useful Method    [PDF]

Hamed Pourkhorsandi

1307.1622 (Antonio Garufi et al.)

Can a planet explain different cavity sizes for small and large dust grains in transition disks?    [PDF]

Antonio Garufi, Henning Avenhaus, Sascha Patrick Quanz

1307.1643 (Thomas I. Maindl et al.)

Collision parameters governing water delivery and water loss in early planetary systems    [PDF]

Thomas I. Maindl, Rudolf Dvorak

1307.1649 (Eike W. Guenther et al.)

The Densities of Planets and the Masses of Host Stars    [PDF]

Eike W. Guenther, CoRoT-Team

1307.1660 (Guenther et al.)

High angular resolution imaging and infrared spectroscopy of CoRoT candidates    [PDF]

Guenther, E. W., Fridlund, M., Alonso, R., Carpano, S., Deeg, H. J., Deleuil, M., Dreizler, S., Endl. M., Gandolfi, D., Gillon, M., Hessman, F. V., Guillot, T., Jehin, E., L'eger, A., Moutou, C., Nortmann, L., Rouan, D., Samuel, B., Schneider, J., Tingley, B

1307.1669 (Pasquale Tricarico)

Global Gravity Inversion of Bodies with Arbitrary Shape    [PDF]

Pasquale Tricarico

1307.1687 (Jean-François Gonzalez et al.)

Planet gaps in the dust layer of 3D proto-planetary disks: Observability with ALMA    [PDF]

Jean-François Gonzalez, Christophe Pinte, Sarah T. Maddison, François Ménard

Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1133 (J. L. Birkby et al.)

Detection of water absorption in the dayside atmosphere of HD 189733 b using ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy at 3.2 microns    [PDF]

J. L. Birkby, R. J. de Kok, M. Brogi, E. J. W. de Mooij, H. Schwarz, S. Albrecht, I. A. G. Snellen

1307.1161 (T. Karalidi et al.)

Flux and polarization signals of spatially inhomogeneous gaseous exoplanets    [PDF]

T. Karalidi, D. M. Stam, D. Guirado

1307.1202 (James M. Overduin et al.)

Expanded limits on violations of the equivalence principle from solar-system observations    [PDF]

James M. Overduin, Jack Mitcham, Zoey Warecki

1307.1149 (Ioannis P. Zois)

Modelling the effects of solar activity onto the Greek national electric grid    [PDF]

Ioannis P. Zois

1307.1404 (Jae-Min Lee et al.)

Atmospheric Retrieval Analysis of the Directly Imaged Exoplanet HR 8799b    [PDF]

Jae-Min Lee, Kevin Heng, Patrick G. J. Irwin

Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0753 (Lorenzo Iorio et al.)

Novel considerations about the error budget of the LAGEOS-based tests of frame-dragging with GRACE geopotential models    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio, Matteo Luca Ruggiero, Christian Corda

1307.0506 (Kimberly M. Aller et al.)

A Pan-STARRS + UKIDSS Search for Young, Wide Planetary-Mass Companions in Upper Scorpius    [PDF]

Kimberly M. Aller, Adam L. Kraus, Michael C. Liu, William S. Burgett, Kenneth C. Chambers, Klaus W. Hodapp, Nick Kaiser, Eugene A. Magnier, Paul A. Price

1307.0515 (Jun Yang et al.)

Stabilizing Cloud Feedback Dramatically Expands the Habitable Zone of Tidally Locked Planets    [PDF]

Jun Yang, Nicolas B. Cowan, Dorian S. Abbot

1307.0713 (Arnaud Pierens et al.)

Migration and gas accretion scenarios for the Kepler 16, 34 and 35 circumbinary planets    [PDF]

Arnaud Pierens, Richard P. Nelson

1307.0818 (Zahed Wahhaj et al.)

The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: The Frequency of Giant Planets Around Debris Disk Stars    [PDF]

Zahed Wahhaj, Michael C. Liu, Eric L. Nielsen, Beth A. Biller, Thomas L. Hayward, Laird M. Close, Jared R. Males, Andrew Skemer, Christ Ftaclas, Mark Chun, Niranjan Thatte, Matthias Tecza, Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Marc Kuchner, I. Neill Reid, Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, Silvia H. P. Alencar, Jane Gregorio-Hetem, Alan Boss, Douglas N. C. Lin Douglas W. Toomey

1307.0823 (Kevin Gullikson et al.)

Future Direct Spectroscopic Detection of Hot Jupiters with IGRINS    [PDF]

Kevin Gullikson, Michael Endl

1307.0894 (Robert A. Wittenmyer et al.)

Forever alone? Testing single eccentric planetary systems for multiple companions    [PDF]

Robert A. Wittenmyer, Songhu Wang, Jonathan Horner, C. G. Tinney, R. P. Butler, H. R. A. Jones, S. J. O'Toole, J. Bailey, B. D. Carter, G. S. Salter, D. Wright

1307.0916 (Natsuki Hosono et al.)

Density Independent Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Non-Ideal Equation of State    [PDF]

Natsuki Hosono, Takayuki R. Saitoh, Junichiro Makino

1307.0921 (Ian Edmonds)

The correlation of 27 day period solar activity and daily maximum temperature in continental Australia    [PDF]

Ian Edmonds

1307.0983 (Q. Kral et al.)

LIDT-DD: A new self-consistent debris disc model including radiation pressure and coupling dynamical and collisional evolution    [PDF]

Q. Kral, P. Thebault, S. Charnoz

1307.1076 (D. Armstrong et al.)

Placing Limits On The Transit Timing Variations Of Circumbinary Exoplanets    [PDF]

D. Armstrong, D. V. Martin, G. Brown, F. Faedi, Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew, R. Mardling, D. Pollacco, A. H. M. J. Triaud, S. Udry

1307.1086 (Sverre Holm)

On the alleged coherence between the global temperature and the sun's movement    [PDF]

Sverre Holm

Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6384 (L. Mancini et al.)

Physical properties, transmission and emission spectra of the WASP-19 planetary system from multi-colour photometry    [PDF]

L. Mancini, S. Ciceri, G. Chen, J. Tregloan-Reed, J. J. Fortney, J. Southworth, T. G. Tan, M. Burgdorf, S. Calchi Novati, M. Dominik, X. -S. Fang, F. Finet, T. Gerner, S. Hardis, T. C. Hinse, U. G. Jorgensen, C. Liebig, N. Nikolov, D. Ricci, S. Schaefer, F. Schoenebeck, J. Skottfelt, O. Wertz, K. A. Alsubai, V. Bozza, P. Browne, P. Dodds, S. -H. Gu, K. Harpsoe, Th. Henning, M. Hundertmark, J. Jessen-Hansen, N. Kains, E. Kerins, H. Kjeldsen, M. N. Lund, M. Lundkvist, N. Madhusudhan, M. Mathiasen, M. T. Penny, S. Proft, S. Rahvar, K. Sahu, G. Scarpetta, C. Snodgrass, J. Surdej

1306.6442 (Francesco Biscani et al.)

The Stark problem in the Weierstrassian formalism    [PDF]

Francesco Biscani, Dario Izzo

1306.6448 (Dario Izzo et al.)

Solution of the constant radial acceleration problem using Weierstrass elliptic and related functions    [PDF]

Dario Izzo, Francesco Biscani

1306.6567 (Joanna K. Barstow et al.)

Constraining the atmosphere of GJ 1214b using an optimal estimation technique    [PDF]

Joanna K. Barstow, Suzanne Aigrain, Patrick G. J. Irwin, Leigh N. Fletcher, Jae-Min Lee

1306.6587 (Thomas I. Maindl et al.)

SPH-based simulation of multi-material asteroid collisions    [PDF]

Thomas I. Maindl, Christoph Schäfer, Roland Speith, Áron Süli, Emese Forgács-Dajka, Rudolf Dvorak

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5234 (Marcel Betrisey et al.)

How can one detect the rotation of the Earth "around the Moon"? Part 3. With a simple pendulum    [PDF]

Marcel Betrisey, Bertrand M. Roehner

1306.5241 (Rebecca G. Martin et al.)

Formation of circumbinary planets in a dead zone    [PDF]

Rebecca G. Martin, Philip J. Armitage, Richard D. Alexander

1306.5243 (Rebecca G. Martin et al.)

On the evolution of the snow line in protoplanetary discs II: Analytic approximations    [PDF]

Rebecca G. Martin, Mario Livio

1306.5333 (Joseph W. Gangestad et al.)

A High Earth, Lunar Resonant Orbit for Lower Cost Space Science Missions    [PDF]

Joseph W. Gangestad, Gregory A. Henning, Randy R. Persinger, George R. Ricker

1306.5438 (Bidya Binay Karak et al.)

Studies of grand minima in sunspot cycles from a flux transport solar dynamo model    [PDF]

Bidya Binay Karak, Arnab Rai Choudhuri

1306.5475 (N. Astudillo-Defru et al.)

Ground-based detection of Calcium and possibly Scandium and Hydrogen in the atmosphere of HD 209458b    [PDF]

N. Astudillo-Defru, P. Rojo

1306.5534 (N. P. Pitjev et al.)

Constraints on Dark Matter in the Solar System    [PDF]

N. P. Pitjev, E. V. Pitjeva

1306.5567 (Nader Haghighipour)

The Formation and Dynamics of Super-Earth Planets    [PDF]

Nader Haghighipour

1306.5569 (Ashok Verma et al.)

Use of MESSENGER radioscience data to improve planetary ephemeris and to test general relativity    [PDF]

Ashok Verma, Agnes Fienga, Jacques Laskar, Herve Manche, Mickael Gastineau

1306.5624 (Anne-Sophie Libert et al.)

On the extension of the Laplace-Lagrange secular theory to order two in the masses for extrasolar systems    [PDF]

Anne-Sophie Libert, Marco Sansottera

1306.5703 (Aleks Scholz)

Angular momentum and disk evolution in very low mass systems    [PDF]

Aleks Scholz

1306.5730 (Ramses M. Ramirez et al.)

How close is Earth to a runaway greenhouse?    [PDF]

Ramses M. Ramirez, Ravi kumar Kopparapu, Valerie Lindner, James F. Kasting

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1306.3509 (J. Southworth et al.)

High-precision photometry by telescope defocussing. V. WASP-15 and WASP-16    [PDF]

J. Southworth, L. Mancini, P. Browne, M. Burgdorf, S. Calchi Novati, M. Dominik, T. Gerner, T. C. Hinse, U. G. Jorgensen, N. Kains, D. Ricci, S. Schafer, F. Schonebeck, J. Tregloan-Reed, K. A. Alsubai, V. Bozza, G. Chen, P. Dodds, S. Dreizler, X. -S. Fang, F. Finet, S. -H. Gu, S. Hardis, K. Harpsoe, Th. Henning, M. Hundertmark, J. Jessen-Hansen, E. Kerins, H. Kjeldsen, C. Liebig, M. N. Lund, M. Lundkvist, M. Mathiasen, N. Nikolov, M. T. Penny, S. Proft, S. Rahvar, K. Sahu, G. Scarpetta, J. Skottfelt, C. Snodgrass, J. Surdej, O. Wertz

1306.3523 (Cezary Migaszewski et al.)

A linear distribution of orbits in compact planetary systems?    [PDF]

Cezary Migaszewski, Krzysztof Gozdziewski, Mariusz Slonina

1306.3526 (Jason H. Steffen et al.)

A lack of short-period multiplanet systems with close-proximity pairs and the curious case of Kepler 42    [PDF]

Jason H. Steffen, Will Farr

1306.3620 (Shravan Hanasoge et al.)

Propagation of seismic waves through a spatio-temporally fluctuating medium: Homogenization    [PDF]

Shravan Hanasoge, Laurent Gizon, Guillaume Bal

1306.3672 (Dhrubaditya Mitra et al.)

Can planetesimals form by collisional fusion?    [PDF]

Dhrubaditya Mitra, J. S. Wettlaufer, Axel Brandenburg

1306.3675 (L. Saul et al.)

Solar wind reflection from the lunar surface: The view from far and near    [PDF]

L. Saul, P. Wurz, A. Vorburger, D. F. Rodríguez M., S. A. Fuselier, D. J. McComas, E. Möbius, S. Barabash, Herb Funsten, Paul Janzen

1306.3709 (M. Bonnefoy et al.)

A library of near-infrared integral field spectra of young M-L dwarfs    [PDF]

M. Bonnefoy, G. Chauvin, A. -M. Lagrange, P. Rojo, F. Allard, C. Pinte, C. Dumas, D. Homeier

1306.3741 (David Jewitt et al.)

The Dust Tail of Asteroid (3200) Phaethon    [PDF]

David Jewitt, Jing Li, Jessica Agarwal

1306.3886 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Orbital effects induced by a certain class of modified theories of gravity with nonminimal coupling between the matter and the metric    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio

1306.3937 (Kacper Kowalik et al.)

Streaming instability in the quasi-global protoplanetary disks    [PDF]

Kacper Kowalik, Michal Hanasz, Dominik Wóltański, Artur Gawryszczak

1306.3939 (M. I. Jones et al.)

Study of the impact of the post-MS evolution of the host star on the orbits of close-in planets. II. A giant planet in a close-in orbit around the RGB star HIP63242    [PDF]

M. I. Jones, J. S. Jenkins, P. Rojo, C. H. F. Melo, P. Bluhm

1306.3940 (D. Kitzmann et al.)

Clouds in the atmospheres of extrasolar planets. IV. On the scattering greenhouse effect of CO2 ice particles: Numerical radiative transfer studies    [PDF]

D. Kitzmann, A. B. C. Patzer, H. Rauer

1306.3973 (Daniel Tamayo et al.)

Chaotic dust dynamics and implications for the hemispherical color asymmetries of the Uranian satellites    [PDF]

Daniel Tamayo, Joseph A. Burns, Douglas P. Hamilton

Monday, June 17, 2013

1305.2629 (Diana Valencia et al.)

Bulk Composition of GJ 1214b and other sub-Neptune exoplanets    [PDF]

Diana Valencia, Tristan Guillot, Vivien Parmentier, Richard S. Freedman

1306.3221 (David M. Kipping et al.)

A simple, quantitative method to infer the minimum atmospheric height of small exoplanets    [PDF]

David M. Kipping, David S. Spiegel, Dimitar D. Sasselov

1306.3225 (J. Sahlmann et al.)

Astrometric orbit of a low-mass companion to an ultracool dwarf    [PDF]

J. Sahlmann, P. F. Lazorenko, D. Segransan, E. L. Martin, D. Queloz, M. Mayor, S. Udry

1306.3254 (Mark A. Wieczorek et al.)

Minimum-variance multitaper spectral estimation on the sphere    [PDF]

Mark A. Wieczorek, Frederik J. Simons

1306.3266 (Robin Wordsworth et al.)

Water loss from terrestrial planets with CO2-rich atmospheres    [PDF]

Robin Wordsworth, Raymond Pierrehumbert

1306.3287 (Patryk Sofia Lykawka et al.)

Terrestrial Planet Formation During the Migration and Resonance Crossings of the Giant Planets    [PDF]

Patryk Sofia Lykawka, Takashi Ito

1306.3412 (J. Drazkowska et al.)

Planetesimal formation via sweep-up growth at the inner edge of dead zones    [PDF]

J. Drazkowska, F. Windmark, C. P. Dullemond

Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3166 (Lorenzo Iorio)

A Closer Earth and the Faint Young Sun Paradox: Modification of the Laws of Gravitation, or Sun/Earth Mass Losses?    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio

1306.2969 (J. H. Debes et al.)

The 0.5-2.22-micron Scattered Light Spectrum of the Disk Around TW Hya: Detection of a Partially Filled Disk Gap at 80 AU    [PDF]

J. H. Debes, H. Jang-Condell, A. J. Weinberger, A. Roberge, G. Schneider

1306.3043 (E. V. Pitjeva et al.)

Relativistic effects and dark matter in the Solar system from observations of planets and spacecraft    [PDF]

E. V. Pitjeva, N. P. Pitjev

1306.3100 (Kodai Yamamoto et al.)

Direct Imaging Search for Extrasolar Planets in the Pleiades    [PDF]

Kodai Yamamoto, Taro Matsuo, Hiroshi Shibai, Yoichi Itoh, Mihoko Konishi, Jun Sudo, Ryoko Tanii, Misato Fukagawa, Takahiro Sumi, Tomoyuki Kudo, Jun Hashimoto, Nobuhiko Kusakabe, Lyu Abe, Wolfgang Brandner, Timothy D. Brandt, Joseph Carson, Thayne Currie, Sebastian E. Egner, Markus Feldt, Miwa Goto, Carol Grady, Olivier Guyon, Yutaka Hayano, Masahiko Hayashi, Saeko Hayashi, Thomas Henning, Klaus Hodapp, Miki Ishii, Masanori Iye, Markus Janson, Ryo Kandori, Gillian R. Knapp, Masayuki Kuzuhara, Jungmi Kwon, Mike McElwain, Shoken Miyama, Jun-Ichi Morino, Amaya Moro-Martin, June Nishikawa, Tetsuo Nishimura, Tae-Soo Pyo, Eugene Serabyn, Hiroshi Suto, Ryuji Suzuki, Michihiro Takami, Naruhisa Takato, Hiroshi Terada, Christian Thalmann, Daigo Tomono, Edwin L. Turner, John Wisniewski, Makoto Watanabe, Toru Yamada, Hideki Takami, Tomonori Usuda, Motohide Tamura

1306.3118 (Marc Green et al.)

Near Earth Asteroids:The Celestial Chariots    [PDF]

Marc Green, Justin Hess, Tom Lacroix, Jordan Marchetto, Erik McCaffrey, Erik Scougal, Mayer Humi

1306.3157 (Claude E. Mack III et al.)

A Cautionary Tale: MARVELS Brown Dwarf Candidate Reveals Itself To Be A Very Long Period, Highly Eccentric Spectroscopic Stellar Binary    [PDF]

Claude E. Mack III, Jian Ge, Rohit Deshpande, John P. Wisniewski, Keivan G. Stassun, B. Scott Gaudi, Scott W. Fleming, Suvrath Mahadevan, Nathan De Lee, Jason Eastman, Luan Ghezzi, Jonay I. Gonzalez Hernandez, Bruno Femenia, Leticia Ferreira, Gustavo Porto de Mello, Justin R. Crepp, Daniel Mata Sanchez, Eric Agol, Thomas G. Beatty, Dmitry Bizyaev, Howard Brewington, Phillip A. Cargile, Luiz N. da Costa, Massimiliano Esposito, Garret Ebelke, Leslie Hebb, Peng Jiang, Stephen R. Kane, Brian Lee, Marcio A. G. Maia, Elena Malanushenko, Victor Malanushenko, Daniel Oravetz, Martin Paegert, Kaike Pan, Carlos Allende Prieto, Joshua Peper, Rafael Rebolo, Arpita Roy, Basilio X. Santiago, Donald P. Schneider, Audrey Simmons, Robert J. Siverd, Stephanie Snedden, Benjamin M. Tofflemire

Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2654 (S. H. Luszcz-Cook et al.)

Spatially-Resolved Millimeter-Wavelength Maps of Neptune    [PDF]

S. H. Luszcz-Cook, I. de Pater, M. Wright

1306.2678 (Ian A. Crawford)

Asteroids in the service of humanity    [PDF]

Ian A. Crawford

1306.2770 (S. K. Solanki et al.)

Solar Irradiance Variability and Climate    [PDF]

S. K. Solanki, N. A. Krivova, J. D. Haigh

1306.2855 (A. V. Krivov et al.)

Herschel's "Cold Debris Disks": Background Galaxies or Quiescent Rims of Planetary Systems?    [PDF]

A. V. Krivov, C. Eiroa, T. Löhne, J. P. Marshall, B. Montesinos, C. del Burgo, O. Absil, D. Ardila, J. -C. Augereau, A. Bayo, G. Bryden, W. Danchi, S. Ertel, J. Lebreton, R. Liseau, A. Mora, A. J. Mustill, H. Mutschke, R. Neuhäuser, G. L. Pilbratt, A. Roberge, T. O. B. Schmidt, K. R. Stapelfeldt, Ph. Thébault, Ch. Vitense, G. J. White, S. Wolf

1306.2889 (L. Kaltenegger et al.)

Calculating the Habitable Zone of Binary Star Systems I: S-Type Binaries    [PDF]

L. Kaltenegger, N. Haghighipour

1306.2890 (N. Haghighipour et al.)

Calculating the Habitable Zone of Binary Star Systems II: P-Type Binaries    [PDF]

N. Haghighipour, L. Kaltenegger

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2307 (Kirpal Nandra et al.)

The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission    [PDF]

Kirpal Nandra, Didier Barret, Xavier Barcons, Andy Fabian, Jan-Willem den Herder, Luigi Piro, Mike Watson, Christophe Adami, James Aird, Jose Manuel Afonso, Dave Alexander, Costanza Argiroffi, Lorenzo Amati, Monique Arnaud, Jean-Luc Atteia, Marc Audard, Carles Badenes, Jean Ballet, Lucia Ballo, Aya Bamba, Anil Bhardwaj, Elia Stefano Battistelli, Werner Becker, Michaël De Becker, Ehud Behar, Stefano Bianchi, Veronica Biffi, Laura Bîrzan, Fabrizio Bocchino, Slavko Bogdanov, Laurence Boirin, Thomas Boller, Stefano Borgani, Katharina Borm, Nicolas Bouché, Hervé Bourdin, Richard Bower, Valentina Braito, Enzo Branchini, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Joel Bregman, Laura Brenneman, Murray Brightman, Marcus Brüggen, Johannes Buchner, Esra Bulbul, Marcella Brusa, Michal Bursa, Alessandro Caccianiga, Ed Cackett, Sergio Campana, Nico Cappelluti, Massimo Cappi, Francisco Carrera, Maite Ceballos, Finn Christensen, You-Hua Chu, Eugene Churazov, Nicolas Clerc, Stephane Corbel, Amalia Corral, Andrea Comastri, Elisa Costantini, Judith Croston, Mauro Dadina, Antonino D'Ai, Anne Decourchelle, Roberto Della Ceca, Konrad Dennerl, Klaus Dolag, Chris Done, Michal Dovciak, Jeremy Drake, Dominique Eckert, Alastair Edge, Stefano Ettori, Yuichiro Ezoe, Eric Feigelson, Rob Fender, Chiara Feruglio, Alexis Finoguenov, Fabrizio Fiore, Massimiliano Galeazzi, Sarah Gallagher, Poshak Gandhi, Massimo Gaspari, Fabio Gastaldello, Antonis Georgakakis, Ioannis Georgantopoulos, Marat Gilfanov, Myriam Gitti, Randy Gladstone, Rene Goosmann, Eric Gosset, Nicolas Grosso, Manuel Guedel, Martin Guerrero, Frank Haberl, Martin Hardcastle, Sebastian Heinz, Almudena Alonso Herrero, Anthony Hervé, Mats Holmstrom, Kazushi Iwasawa, Peter Jonker, Jelle Kaastra, Erin Kara, Vladimir Karas, Joel Kastner, Andrew King, Daria Kosenko, Dimita Koutroumpa, Ralph Kraft, Ingo Kreykenbohm, Rosine Lallement, Giorgio Lanzuisi, J. Lee, Marianne Lemoine-Goumard, Andrew Lobban, Giuseppe Lodato, Lorenzo Lovisari, Simone Lotti, Ian McCharthy, Brian McNamara, Antonio Maggio, Roberto Maiolino, Barbara De Marco, Domitilla de Martino, Silvia Mateos, Giorgio Matt, Ben Maughan, Pasquale Mazzotta, Mariano Mendez, Andrea Merloni, Giuseppina Micela, Marco Miceli, Robert Mignani, Jon Miller, Giovanni Miniutti, Silvano Molendi, Rodolfo Montez, Alberto Moretti, Christian Motch, Yaël Nazé, Jukka Nevalainen, Fabrizio Nicastro, Paul Nulsen, Takaya Ohashi, Paul O'Brien, Julian Osborne, Lida Oskinova, Florian Pacaud, Frederik Paerels, Mat Page, Iossif Papadakis, Giovanni Pareschi, Robert Petre, Pierre-Olivier Petrucci, Enrico Piconcelli, Ignazio Pillitteri, C. Pinto, Jelle de Plaa, Etienne Pointecouteau, Trevor Ponman, Gabriele Ponti, Delphine Porquet, Ken Pounds, Gabriel Pratt, Peter Predehl, Daniel Proga, Dimitrios Psaltis, David Rafferty, Miriam Ramos-Ceja, Piero Ranalli, Elena Rasia, Arne Rau, Gregor Rauw, Nanda Rea, Andy Read, James Reeves, Thomas Reiprich, Matthieu Renaud, Chris Reynolds, Guido Risaliti, Jerome Rodriguez, Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo, Mauro Roncarelli, David Rosario, Mariachiara Rossetti, Agata Roszanska, Emmanouil Rovilos, Ruben Salvaterra, Mara Salvato, Tiziana Di Salvo, Jeremy Sanders, Jorge Sanz-Forcada, Kevin Schawinski, Joop Schaye, Axel Schwope, Salvatore Sciortino, Paola Severgnini, Francesco Shankar, Debora Sijacki, Stuart Sim, Christian Schmid, Randall Smith, Andrew Steiner, Beate Stelzer, Gordon Stewart, Tod Strohmayer, Lothar Strüder, Ming Sun, Yoh Takei, V. Tatischeff, Andreas Tiengo, Francesco Tombesi, Ginevra Trinchieri, T. G. Tsuru, Asif Ud-Doula, Eugenio Ursino, Lynne Valencic, Eros Vanzella, Simon Vaughan, Cristian Vignali, Jacco Vink, Fabio Vito, Marta Volonteri, Daniel Wang, Natalie Webb, Richard Willingale, Joern Wilms, Michael Wise, Diana Worrall, Andrew Young, Luca Zampieri, Jean In't Zand, Silvia Zane, Andreas Zezas, Yuying Zhang, Irina Zhuravleva

1306.2308 (Andrew Gould et al.)

Kepler Microlens Planets and Parallaxes    [PDF]

Andrew Gould, Keith Horne

1306.2311 (K. Poppenhaeger et al.)

Transit observations of the Hot Jupiter HD 189733b at X-ray wavelengths    [PDF]

K. Poppenhaeger, J. H. M. M. Schmitt, S. J. Wolk

1306.2332 (G. Branduardi-Raymont et al.)

The Hot and Energetic Universe: Solar system and exoplanets    [PDF]

G. Branduardi-Raymont, S. Sciortino, K. Dennerl, M. Güdel, M. Holmstrom, D. Koutroumpa, A. Maggio, G. Micela, I. Pillitteri, J. Sanz-Forcada, A. Read, A. Bhardwaj, Y. Ezoe, R. Gladstone

1306.2381 (William T. Reach et al.)

Survey of cometary CO2, CO, and particulate emissions using the Spitzer Space Telescope: Smog check for comets    [PDF]

William T. Reach, Michael S. Kelley, Jeremie Vaubaillon

1306.2388 (H. Tsuchiya et al.)

Hardening and termination of long-duration gamma rays detected prior to lightning    [PDF]

H. Tsuchiya, T. Enoto, K. Iwata, S. Yamada, T. Yuasa, T. Kitaguchi, M. Kawaharada, K. Nakazawa, M. Kokubun, H. Kato, M. Okano, T. Tamagawa, K. Makishima

1306.2418 (Adam P. Showman et al.)

Atmospheric Circulation of Terrestrial Exoplanets    [PDF]

Adam P. Showman, Robin D. Wordsworth, Timothy M. Merlis, Yohai Kaspi

1306.2455 (Alexis Matter et al.)

Evidence of a metal-rich surface for the asteroid (16) Psyche from interferometric observations in the thermal infrared    [PDF]

Alexis Matter, Marco Delbo, Benoit Carry, Sebastiano Ligori

1306.2514 (Ryan Cloutier et al.)

Orbital migration of giant planets induced by gravitationally unstable gaps: the effect of planet mass    [PDF]

Ryan Cloutier, Min-Kai Lin