Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1211.4630 (Andrew W. Mann et al.)

Prospecting in late-type dwarfs: a calibration of infrared and visible spectroscopic metallicities of late-K and M dwarfs spanning 1.5 dex    [PDF]

Andrew W. Mann, John Brewer, Eric Gaidos, Sebastien Lepine, Eric J. Hilton

1211.4650 (Hsiang-Kuang Chang et al.)

Search for serendipitous TNO occultation in X-rays    [PDF]

Hsiang-Kuang Chang, Chih-Yuan Liu, Kuan-Ting Chen

1211.4697 (Rakesh K. Yadav et al.)

Scaling laws in spherical shell dynamos with free-slip boundaries    [PDF]

Rakesh K. Yadav, Thomas Gastine, Ulrich R. Christensen

1211.4762 (M. M. Hedman et al.)

Of Horseshoes and Heliotropes: Dynamics of Dust in the Encke Gap    [PDF]

M. M. Hedman, J. A. Burns, D. P. Hamilton, M. R. Showalter

1211.4785 (F. Bouchy et al.)

SOPHIE+: First results of an octagonal-section fiber for high-precision radial velocity measurements    [PDF]

F. Bouchy, R. F. Diaz, G. H├ębrard, L. Arnold, I. Boisse, X. Delfosse, S. Perruchot, A. Santerne