Thursday, January 17, 2013

1301.3629 (Alexander Seizinger et al.)

Bouncing Behavior of Microscopic Dust Aggregates    [PDF]

Alexander Seizinger, Wilhelm Kley

1301.3742 (J. N. Yates et al.)

Response of the Jovian thermosphere to a transient 'pulse' in solar wind pressure    [PDF]

J. N. Yates, N. Achilleos, P. Guio

1301.3743 (J. N. Yates et al.)

Effect of transient solar wind pulses on atmospheric heating at Jupiter    [PDF]

J. N. Yates, N. Achilleos, P. Guio

1301.3760 (S. C. C. Barros et al.)

Transit timing variations in WASP-10b induced by stellar activity?    [PDF]

S. C. C. Barros, G. Boue, N. P. Gibson, D. Pollacco, A. Santerne, F. P. Keenan, I. Skillen, R. A. Street

1301.3797 (A. J. Steffl et al.)

MeV electrons detected by the Alice UV spectrograph during the New Horizons flyby of Jupiter    [PDF]

A. J. Steffl, A. B. Shinn, G. R. Gladstone, J. Wm. Parker, K. D. Retherford, D. C. Slater, M. H. Versteeg, S. A. Stern

1301.3808 (A. Crida et al.)

Formation of Regular Satellites from Ancient Massive Rings in the Solar System    [PDF]

A. Crida, S. Charnoz

1301.3828 (Tyler D. Groff et al.)

Kalman filtering techniques for focal plane electric field estimation    [PDF]

Tyler D. Groff, N. Jeremy Kasdin