Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1108.4660 (Laura Schaefer et al.)

Vaporization of the Earth: Application to Exoplanet Atmospheres    [PDF]

Laura Schaefer, Katharina Lodders, Bruce Fegley Jr

1205.3233 (Teruyuki Hirano et al.)

Measurements of Stellar Inclinations for Kepler Planet Candidates    [PDF]

Teruyuki Hirano, Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda, Yoichi Takeda, Norio Narita, Joshua N. Winn, Atsushi Taruya, Yasushi Suto

1205.3238 (Gong Jingyu et al.)

Secondary electron emissions and dust charging currents in the nonequilibrium dusty plasma with power-law distributions    [PDF]

Gong Jingyu, Du Jiulin

1205.3312 (Paul G. ten Boom)

A beacon of new physics: The Pioneer anomaly modelled as a path based speed loss driven by the externalisation of aggregate non-inertial QM energy    [PDF]

Paul G. ten Boom

1205.3446 (Jaime Burgos-García et al.)

Periodic orbits in the restricted four-body problem with two equal masses    [PDF]

Jaime Burgos-García, Joaquín Delgado