Friday, January 25, 2013

1301.5648 (Mark R. Krumholz et al.)

Protostellar Disk Formation Enabled by Weak, Misaligned Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Mark R. Krumholz, Richard M. Crutcher, Charles L. H. Hull

1301.5665 (Emmanuel Jacquet et al.)

Water transport in protoplanetary disks and the hydrogen isotopic composition of chondrites    [PDF]

Emmanuel Jacquet, Fran├žois Robert

1301.5711 (Jeffrey L. Linsky et al.)

Computing Intrinsic Lyman-alpha Fluxes of F5 V to M5 V Stars    [PDF]

Jeffrey L. Linsky, Kevin France, Tom Ayres

1301.5781 (H. Feuchtgruber et al.)

The D/H ratio in the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune from Herschel PACS observations    [PDF]

H. Feuchtgruber, E. Lellouch, G. Orton, T. de Graauw, B. Vandenbussche, B. Swinyard, R. Moreno, C. Jarchow, F. Billebaud, T. Cavalie, S. Sidher, P. Hartogh

1301.5791 (Susan D. Benecchi et al.)

Lightcurves of 32 Large Transneptunian Objects    [PDF]

Susan D. Benecchi, Scott S. Sheppard

1301.5817 (Emmanuel Jacquet)

On vertical variations of gas flow in protoplanetary disks and their impact on the transport of solids    [PDF]

Emmanuel Jacquet

1301.5884 (Ian J. M. Crossfield)

On High-Contrast Characterization of Nearby, Short-Period Exoplanets with Giant Segmented-Mirror Telescopes    [PDF]

Ian J. M. Crossfield