Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1203.3806 (Yang Luo et al.)

Detectable seismic consequences of the interaction of a primordial black hole with Earth    [PDF]

Yang Luo, Shravan Hanasoge, Jeroen Tromp, Frans Pretorius

1203.3867 (Benoît Noyelles)

The rotation of Io predicted by the Poincaré-Hough model    [PDF]

Benoît Noyelles

1203.4015 (Sun-Ju Chung et al.)

A Planetary lensing feature in caustic-crossing high-magnification microlensing events    [PDF]

Sun-Ju Chung, Kyu-Ha Hwang, Yoon-Hyun Ryu, Chung-Uk Lee

1203.4018 (Bjoern Benneke et al.)

Atmospheric Retrieval for Super-Earth Atmospheres: Uniquely Constraining the Atmospheric Composition with Transmission Spectroscopy    [PDF]

Bjoern Benneke, Sara Seager

1203.4085 (Clément Baruteau et al.)

No snow-plough mechanism during the rapid hardening of supermassive black hole binaries    [PDF]

Clément Baruteau, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Frédéric Masset

1203.4102 (Brendan M. McLaughlin et al.)

Photoionization Cross-Sections for the trans-iron element Se$^+$ from 18 eV to 31 eV    [PDF]

Brendan M. McLaughlin, Connor P. Ballance

1203.4143 (Nicola Scafetta)

Multi-scale harmonic model for solar and climate cyclical variation throughout the Holocene based on Jupiter-Saturn tidal frequencies plus the 11-year solar dynamo cycle    [PDF]

Nicola Scafetta

1203.4145 (T. Gastine et al.)

Effects of compressibility on driving zonal flow in gas giants    [PDF]

T. Gastine, J. Wicht

1203.4192 (Henrik N. Latter et al.)

The gravitational instability of a stream of co-orbital particles    [PDF]

Henrik N. Latter, Hanno Rein, Gordon I. Ogilvie