Monday, March 5, 2012

1203.0005 (Amaya Moro-Martin)

Dusty Planetary Systems    [PDF]

Amaya Moro-Martin

1203.0013 (Álvaro Ribas et al.)

Warm Debris Disks Candidates in Transiting Planets Systems    [PDF]

Álvaro Ribas, Bruno Merín, David R. Ardila, Hervé Bouy

1203.0027 (Laurie Urban et al.)

The Incidence of Debris Disks at 24 μm and 670 Myr    [PDF]

Laurie Urban, George Rieke, Kate Su, David E. Trilling

1203.0209 (T. Karalidi et al.)

Observing the Earth as an exoplanet with LOUPE, the Lunar Observatory for Unresolved Polarimetry of Earth    [PDF]

T. Karalidi, D. M. Stam, F. Snik, S. Bagnulo, W. B. Sparks, C. U. Keller

1203.0318 (A. M. Hughes et al.)

Confirming the Primarily Smooth Structure of the Vega Debris Disk at Millimeter Wavelengths    [PDF]

A. M. Hughes, D. J. Wilner, B. Mason, J. M. Carpenter, R. Plambeck, H. -F. Chiang, S. M. Andrews, J. P. Williams, A. Hales, K. Su, E. Chiang, S. Dicker, P. Korngut, M. Devlin

1203.0471 (H. Meheut et al.)

Rossby Wave Instability in three dimensional discs    [PDF]

H. Meheut, C. Yu, D. Lai

1203.0475 (S. Regibo et al.)

A background galaxy in the field of the beta Pic debris disk    [PDF]

S. Regibo, B. Vandenbussche, C. Waelkens, B. Acke, B. Sibthorpe, M. Nottebaere, K. Voet, J. Di Francesco, M. Fridlund, W. K. Gear, R. J. Ivison, G. Olofsson

1203.0495 (G. V. Lopez et al.)

About Galilean transformation on a mass variable system and two bodies gravitational system with variable mass and damping-anti damping effect due to star wind    [PDF]

G. V. Lopez, E. M. Juarez

1203.0524 (Yury I. Rogozin)

On the relation of the sizes of trans-neptunian dwarf planets Pluto and Eris    [PDF]

Yury I. Rogozin