Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1106.2701 (Céline Guervilly et al.)

A dynamo driven by zonal jets at the upper surface: Applications to giant planets    [PDF]

Céline Guervilly, Philippe Cardin, Nathanaël Schaeffer

1201.3371 (Sijme-Jan Paardekooper)

Numerical convergence in self-gravitating shearing sheet simulations and the stochastic nature of disc fragmentation    [PDF]

Sijme-Jan Paardekooper

1201.3383 (L. Ricci et al.)

Fomalhaut debris disk emission at 7 millimeters: constraints on the collisional models of planetesimals    [PDF]

L. Ricci, L. Testi, S. T. Maddison, D. J. Wilner

1201.3484 (A. Sozzetti)

Astrometry and Exoplanet Characterization: Gaia and Its Pandora's Box    [PDF]

A. Sozzetti

1201.3514 (P. Ballerini et al.)

Multiwavelength flux variations induced by stellar magnetic activity: effects on planetary transits    [PDF]

P. Ballerini, G. Micela, A. F. Lanza, I. Pagano

1201.3537 (R. Neuhäuser et al.)

Direct Imaging of Extra-solar Planets - Homogeneous Comparison of Detected Planets and Candidates    [PDF]

R. Neuhäuser, T. O. B. Schmidt

1201.3578 (Daniel Jontof-Hutter et al.)

The Fate of Sub-Micron Circumplanetary Dust Grains I: Aligned Dipolar Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Daniel Jontof-Hutter, Douglas P. Hamilton

1201.3616 (S. Hoyer et al.)

Transit Monitoring in the South (TraMoS) project: Discarding Transit Timing Variations in WASP-5b    [PDF]

S. Hoyer, P. Rojo, M. Lopez-Morales