Friday, November 30, 2012

1211.6736 (Yury I. Rogozin)

Fifth giant ex-planet of the outer Solar System:characteristics and remnants    [PDF]

Yury I. Rogozin

1211.6743 (L. Ricci et al.)

ALMA observations of rho-Oph 102: grain growth and molecular gas in the disk around a young Brown Dwarf    [PDF]

L. Ricci, L. Testi, A. Natta, A. Scholz, I. de Gregorio-Monsalvo

1211.6747 (Stephen R. Kane et al.)

Decoupling Phase Variations in Multi-Planet Systems    [PDF]

Stephen R. Kane, Dawn M. Gelino

1211.6768 (Ian A. Crawford)

The Scientific Legacy of Apollo    [PDF]

Ian A. Crawford

1211.6803 (Yan-Xiang Gong et al.)

Terrestrial Planets Formation around Circumbinary Habitable Zone: Inward Migration in the Planetesimal Swarm    [PDF]

Yan-Xiang Gong, Ji-Lin Zhou, Ji-Wei Xie

1211.6828 (Praveen Kundurthy et al.)

APOSTLE: Eleven Transit Observations of TrES-3b    [PDF]

Praveen Kundurthy, Andrew C. Becker, Eric Agol, Rory Barnes, Benjamin F. Williams

1211.7027 (Benoit Noyelles et al.)

The influence of time, shape and tides on the obliquity of Mercury    [PDF]

Benoit Noyelles, Christoph Lhotka