Monday, May 28, 2012

1108.2057 (Kevin B. Stevenson et al.)

Transit and Eclipse Analyses of Exoplanet HD 149026b Using BLISS Mapping    [PDF]

Kevin B. Stevenson, Joseph Harrington, Jonathan J. Fortney, Thomas J. Loredo, Ryan A. Hardy, Sarah Nymeyer, William C. Bowman, Patricio Cubillos, M. Oliver Bowman, Matthew Hardin

1205.5564 (James Owen et al.)

Two populations of transition discs?    [PDF]

James Owen, Cathie Clarke

1205.5597 (Arlin Crotts)

Water on The Moon, I. Historical Overview    [PDF]

Arlin Crotts

1205.5598 (Arlin Crotts)

Water on The Moon, II. Origins & Resources    [PDF]

Arlin Crotts

1205.5599 (Arlin Crotts)

Water on The Moon, III. Volatiles & Activity    [PDF]

Arlin Crotts

1205.5621 (Dong Wang et al.)

Chemical Constraints on the Oxygen Abundances in Jupiter and Saturn    [PDF]

Dong Wang, Jonathan I. Lunine

1205.5704 (Nelson Callegari Jr et al.)

Dynamics of Rotation of Super-Earths    [PDF]

Nelson Callegari Jr, Adrian Rodríguez

1205.5765 (Nicola Scafetta)

A shared frequency set between the historical mid-latitude aurora records and the global surface temperature    [PDF]

Nicola Scafetta