Thursday, January 10, 2013

1301.1698 (Colin P. McNally et al.)

Mineral Processing by Short Circuits in Protoplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Colin P. McNally, Alexander Hubbard, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Denton S. Ebel, Paola D'Alessio

1301.1727 (Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa et al.)

The structure of gas-accreting protoplanets and the condition of the critical core mass    [PDF]

Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, M. Y. Fujimoto

1301.1853 (David M. Kipping et al.)

The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler (HEK): II. Analysis of Seven Viable Satellite-Hosting Planet Candidates    [PDF]

David M. Kipping, Joel Hartman, Lars A. Buchhave, Allan R. Schmitt, Gáspár Á. Bakos, David Nesvorny

1301.1860 (C. A. Haswell et al.)

Near-UV Absorption, Chromospheric Activity, and Star-Planet Interactions in the WASP-12 system    [PDF]

C. A. Haswell, L. Fossati, T. Ayres, K. France, C. S. Froning, S. Holmes, U. C. Kolb, R. Busuttil, R. A. Street, L. Hebb, A. Collier Cameron, B. Enoch, V. Burwitz, J. Rodriguez, R. G. West, D. Pollacco, P. J. Wheatley, A. Carter

1301.1874 (Caroline De Beule et al.)

From Planetesimals to Dust: Low Gravity Experiments on Recycling Solids at the Inner Edge of Protoplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Caroline De Beule, Thorben Kelling, Gerhard Wurm, Jens Teiser, Tim Jankowski

1301.1907 (Nargess Memarsadeghi et al.)

Moon Search Algorithms for NASA's Dawn Mission to Asteroid Vesta    [PDF]

Nargess Memarsadeghi, Lucy A. McFadden, David Skillman, Brian McLean, Max Mutchler, Uri Carsenty, Eric E. Palmer, the Dawn Mission's Satellite Working Group