Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1308.0599 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

An Exoplanet's Response to Anisotropic Stellar Mass-Loss During Birth and Death    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, John D. Hadjidemetriou, Christopher A. Tout

1308.0596 (Alex Dunhill et al.)

The curiously circular orbit of Kepler-16b    [PDF]

Alex Dunhill, Richard Alexander

1308.0607 (Rosemary A. Mardling)

New developments for modern celestial mechanics. I. General coplanar three-body systems. Application to exoplanets    [PDF]

Rosemary A. Mardling

1308.0616 (David Russell)

A Proposal for New Definitions of Solar System Bodies - Planet, Moon, and Satellite    [PDF]

David Russell

1308.0629 (Jason W. Barnes et al.)

Measurement of Spin-Orbit Misalignment and Nodal Precession for the Planet around Pre-Main-Sequence Star PTFO 8-8695 From Gravity Darkening    [PDF]

Jason W. Barnes, Julian C. van Eyken, Brian K. Jackson, David R. Ciardi, Jonathan J. Fortney

1308.0648 (Zhaohuan Zhu et al.)

Particle Concentration At Planet Induced Gap Edges and Vortices: I. Inviscid 3-D Hydro Disks    [PDF]

Zhaohuan Zhu, James M. Stone, Roman R. Rafikov, Xuening Bai

1308.0825 (Farzana Meru et al.)

Growth and fragmentation of centimetre-sized dust aggregates: the dependence on aggregate size and porosity    [PDF]

Farzana Meru, Ralf J. Geretshauser, Christoph Schaefer, Roland Speith, Wilhelm Kley

1308.0882 (Ing-Guey Jiang et al.)

Investigating Close-in Exoplanets through Transit Observations    [PDF]

Ing-Guey Jiang, Li-Chin Yeh, Parijat Thakur, Ping Chien, Yi-Ling Lin, Yu-Ting Wu, Hong-Yu Chen, Zhao Sun, Jianghui Ji

1308.0899 (P. von Paris et al.)

The dependence of the ice-albedo feedback on atmospheric properties    [PDF]

P. von Paris, F. Selsis, D. Kitzmann, H. Rauer

1308.0921 (Thorben Kelling et al.)

Accretion through the inner edges of protoplanetary disks by a giant solid state pump    [PDF]

Thorben Kelling, Gerhard Wurm

1308.0996 (Yang Ming et al.)

Confirmation of 8 Planets in 4 Multi-planet Systems via TTVs in 1350 Days    [PDF]

Yang Ming, Liu Hui-Gen, Zhang Hui, Zhou Ji-Lin

1308.1058 (G. R. Mamatsashvili et al.)

Revisiting linear dynamics of non-axisymmetric perturbations in weakly magnetized accretion discs    [PDF]

G. R. Mamatsashvili, G. D. Chagelishvili, G. Bodo, P. Rossi

Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0562 (S. Ueta et al.)

Structure of Surface-H2O Layers of Ice-covered Planets with High-pressure Ice    [PDF]

S. Ueta, T. Sasaki

1308.0561 (Vincent Bourrier et al.)

3D model of hydrogen atmospheric escape from HD209458b and HD189733b: radiative blow-out and stellar wind interactions    [PDF]

Vincent Bourrier, Alain Lecavelier des Etangs

1308.0337 (D. Föhring et al.)

ULTRACAM z'-band Detection of the Secondary Eclipse of WASP-12b    [PDF]

D. Föhring, V. S. Dhillon, Nikku Madhusudhan, T. R. Marsh, C. M. Copperwheat, S. P. Littlefair, Richard W. Wilson

1308.0373 (A. Hees et al.)

How to test SME with space missions ?    [PDF]

A. Hees, B. Lamine, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, P. Wolf

1308.0446 (J. Hanuš et al.)

Sizes of main-belt asteroids by combining shape models and Keck adaptive aptics observations    [PDF]

J. Hanuš, F. Marchis, J. Ďurech

1308.0511 (F. Tian)

Conservation of Total Escape from Hydrodynamic Planetary Atmospheres    [PDF]

F. Tian

1308.0563 (Malgorzata Krolikowska et al.)

Near-parabolic comets observed in 2006-2010. The individualized approach to 1/a-determination and the new distribution of original and future orbits    [PDF]

Malgorzata Krolikowska, Piotr A. Dybczynski

1308.0571 (J. M. Madiedo et al.)

Spectroscopy and Orbital Analysis of Bright Bolides Observed over the Iberian Peninsula from 2010 to 2012    [PDF]

J. M. Madiedo, J. M. Trigo-Rodriguez, J. L. Ortiz, A. J. Castro-Tirado, S. Pastor, J. A. de los Reyes, J. Cabrera-Cano

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0009 (David M. Kipping)

Efficient, uninformative sampling of limb darkening coefficients for two-parameter laws    [PDF]

David M. Kipping

1308.0014 (R. E. Pike et al.)

On a Possible Size/Color Relationship in the Kuiper Belt    [PDF]

R. E. Pike, J. J. Kavelaars

1308.0016 (Ryan M. O'Leary et al.)

It takes a village to raise a tide: nonlinear multiple-mode coupling and mode identification in KOI-54    [PDF]

Ryan M. O'Leary, Joshua Burkart

1308.0114 (Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar et al.)

The low-mass stellar population in the young cluster Tr37: Disk evolution, accretion, and environment    [PDF]

Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar, Jinyoung Serena Kim, Andrej Sobolev, Konstantin Getman, Thomas Henning, Min Fang

1308.0190 (N. V. Erkaev et al.)

Escape of the martian protoatmosphere and initial water inventory    [PDF]

N. V. Erkaev, H. Lammer, L. Elkins-Tanton, A. Stökl, P. Odert, E. Marcq, E. A. Dorfi, K. G. Kislyakova, Yu. N. Kulikov, M. Leitzinger, M. Güdel

1308.0216 (M. H. M. Morais et al.)

Asteroids in retrograde resonance with Jupiter and Saturn    [PDF]

M. H. M. Morais, F. Namouni

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8119 (Katherine M. Deck et al.)

First order resonance overlap and the stability of close two planet systems    [PDF]

Katherine M. Deck, Matthew Payne, Matthew J. Holman

1307.8128 (Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda et al.)

Kepler-63b: A Giant Planet in a Polar Orbit around a Young Sun-like Star    [PDF]

Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda, Joshua N. Winn, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Andrew W. Howard, Howard Isaacson, John Asher Johnson, Guillermo Torres, Simon Albrecht, Tiago L. Campante, William J. Chaplin, Guy R. Davies, Mikkel L. Lund, Joshua A. Carter, Rebekah I. Dawson, Lars A. Buchhave, Mark E. Everett, Debra A. Fischer, John C. Geary, Ronald L. Gilliland, Elliott P. Horch, Steve B. Howell, David W. Latham

1307.8218 (M. N. Vahia et al.)

Ancient eclipses and long-term drifts in the Earth - Moon system    [PDF]

M. N. Vahia, Saurabh Singh, Amit Seta, B. V. Subbarayappa

1307.8253 (J. Boissier et al.)

Millimetre continuum observations of comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)    [PDF]

J. Boissier, D. Bockelée-Morvan, O. Groussin, P. Lamy, N. Biver, J. Crovisier, P. Colom, R. Moreno, L. Jorda, V. Piétu

1307.8422 (Junwei Zhao et al.)

Detection of Equatorward Meridional Flow and Evidence of Double-Cell Meridional Circulation inside the Sun    [PDF]

Junwei Zhao, R. S. Bogart, A. G. Kosovichev, T. L. Duvall, Jr., Thomas Hartlep