Friday, April 20, 2012

1204.4182 (Stephen. D. J. Gwyn et al.)

SSOS: A Moving Object Image Search Tool for Asteroid Precovery    [PDF]

Stephen. D. J. Gwyn, Norman Hill, J. J. Kavelaars

1204.4234 (M. Assafin et al.)

Candidate stellar occultations by large trans-neptunian objects up to 2015    [PDF]

M. Assafin, J. I. B. Camargo, R. Vieira Martins, F. Braga-Ribas, B. Sicardy, A. H. Andrei, D. N. da Silva Neto

1204.4306 (A. Nina et al.)

Altitude distribution of electron concentration in ionospheric D-region in presence of time-varying solar radiation flux    [PDF]

A. Nina, V. Cadez, V. Sreckovic, D. Sulic

1204.4309 (A. Nina et al.)

Effective electron recombination coefficient in ionospheric D-region during the relaxation regime after solar flare from February 18, 2011    [PDF]

A. Nina, V. Cadez, D. Sulic, V. Sreckovic, V. Zigman

1204.4337 (Emmanuel Jacquet et al.)

On the aerodynamic redistribution of chondrite components in protoplanetary disks    [PDF]

Emmanuel Jacquet, Matthieu Gounelle, S├ębastien Fromang

1204.4390 (H. Meheut et al.)

Formation and long-term evolution of 3D vortices in protoplanetary discs    [PDF]

H. Meheut, R. Keppens, F. Casse, W. Benz