Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0983 (Q. Kral et al.)

LIDT-DD: A new self-consistent debris disc model including radiation pressure and coupling dynamical and collisional evolution    [PDF]

Q. Kral, P. Thebault, S. Charnoz
The first attempt at developing a fully self-consistent code coupling dynamics and collisions to study debris discs (Kral, Thebault, Charnoz, 2013) is presented. So far, these two crucial mechanisms were studied separately, with N-body and statistical collisional codes respectively, because of stringent computational constraints. In particular, incorporating collisional effects (especially destructive collisions) into an N-body scheme was deemed an impossible task because of the exponential increase of particles it would imply. We present here a new model named LIDT-DD which is able to follow over long timescales the coupled evolution of dynamics (including radiation pressure) and collisions in a self-consistent way.
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