Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2240 (James E. Owen et al.)

Testing protoplanetary disc dispersal with radio emission    [PDF]

James E. Owen, Anna M. M. Scaife, Barbara Ercolano

1307.2249 (George Zhou et al.)

A highly inclined orbit for the 110-day period planet candidate KOI-368.01    [PDF]

George Zhou, Xu Chelsea Huang

1307.2271 (Eduard I. Vorobyov et al.)

The effect of episodic accretion on the phase transition of CO and CO_2 in low-mass star formation    [PDF]

Eduard I. Vorobyov, I. Baraffe, T. Harries, G. Chabrier

1307.2284 (Adrian J. Brown et al.)

Climatology of the Martian Polar Regions: Three Mars Years of CRISM/MARCI Observations of Atmospheric Clouds and Dust    [PDF]

Adrian J. Brown, Michael J. Wolff

1307.2341 (A. F. Lanza)

Star-planet magnetic interaction and evaporation of planetary atmospheres    [PDF]

A. F. Lanza

1307.2424 (Francesca DeMeo et al.)

The taxonomic distribution of asteroids from multi-filter all-sky photometric surveys    [PDF]

Francesca DeMeo, Benoit Carry

1307.2565 (Camille Bilger et al.)

Small hydrocarbon molecules in cloud-forming Brown Dwarf and giant gas planet atmospheres    [PDF]

Camille Bilger, Paul Rimmer, Christiane Helling