Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1212.1732 (Andrew Gould et al.)

Microlens Terrestrial Parallax Mass Measurements: A Rare Probe of Isolated Brown Dwarfs and Free-Floating Planets    [PDF]

Andrew Gould, Jennifer C. Yee

1212.1793 (Jan Philipp Ruge et al.)

Tracing large-scale structures in circumstellar disks with ALMA    [PDF]

Jan Philipp Ruge, Sebastian Wolf, Ana L. Uribe, Hubert H. Klahr

1212.1810 (P. Pastor)

Dust particles in mean motion resonances influenced by an interstellar gas flow    [PDF]

P. Pastor

1212.1859 (David R. Ciardi et al.)

On The Relative Sizes of Planets Within Kepler Multiple Candidate Systems    [PDF]

David R. Ciardi, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Eric B. Ford, T. N. Gautier III, Steve B. Howell, Jack J. Lissauer, Darin Ragozzine, Jason F. Rowe

1212.2062 (S. J. Day et al.)

Carbonate Formation in Non-Aqueous Environments by Solid-Gas Carbonation of Silicates    [PDF]

S. J. Day, S. P. Thompson, A. Evans, J. E. Parker

1212.2179 (M. Alvarez-Ramírez et al.)

The stability of the triangular libration points for the plane circular restricted three-body problem with light pressure    [PDF]

M. Alvarez-Ramírez, J. K. Formiga, R. V. de Moraes, J. E. F. Skea, T. J. Stuchi