Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1105.5068 (Ravit Helled)

Constraining Saturn's Core Properties by a Measurement of Its Moment of Inertia - Implications to the Cassini Solstice Mission    [PDF]

Ravit Helled

1302.5712 (Matthew S. Tiscareno et al.)

Probing the inner boundaries of Saturn's A ring with the Iapetus -1:0 nodal bending wave    [PDF]

Matthew S. Tiscareno, Matthew M. Hedman, Joseph A. Burns, John W. Weiss, Carolyn C. Porco

1302.5717 (Jeremy S. Heyl)

Diffractive Microlensing: A New Probe of the Local Universe    [PDF]

Jeremy S. Heyl

1302.5771 (Y. Futaana et al.)

Remote Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging of Electric Potential Over a Lunar Magnetic Anomaly    [PDF]

Y. Futaana, S. Barabash, M. Wieser, C. Lue, P. Wurz, A. Vorburger, A. Bhardwaj, K. Asamura

1302.5772 (R. Sridharan et al.)

Spatial heterogeneity in the radiogenic activity of the lunar interior: Inferences from CHACE and LLRI on Chandrayaan-1    [PDF]

R. Sridharan, Tirtha Pratim Das, S. M. Ahmed, Gogulapati Supriya, Anil Bhardwaj, J. A. Kamalakar

1302.5830 (L. Tal-Or et al.)

CoRoT 101186644: A transiting low-mass dense M-dwarf on an eccentric 20.7-day period orbit around a late F-star    [PDF]

L. Tal-Or, T. Mazeh, R. Alonso, F. Bouchy, J. Cabrera, H. J. Deeg, M. Deleuil, S. Faigler, M. Fridlund, G. Hebrard, C. Moutou, A. Santerne, B. Tingley

1302.6115 (Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew et al.)

The Homogeneous Study of Transiting Systems (HoSTS) I. The Pilot Study of WASP-13    [PDF]

Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew, F. Faedi, P. Cargile, A. P. Doyle, L. Ghezzi, S. Sousa, S. C. C. Barros, L. Hebb, K. Cunha, S. C. Schuler, V. V. Smith, A. Collier Cameron, D. Pollacco, N. C. Santos, B. Smalley, K. G. Stassun