Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1210.3714 (J B Taylor)

Turbulent Cascades and the alpha Dynamo    [PDF]

J B Taylor

1210.3838 (Joseph G. O'Rourke et al.)

Terrestrial Planet Evolution in the Stagnant-Lid Regime: Size Effects and the Formation of Self-Destabilizing Crust    [PDF]

Joseph G. O'Rourke, Jun Korenaga

1210.3850 (Veselin B. Kostov et al.)

A Gas Giant Circumbinary Planet Transiting an Evolved F Star Primary of the Eclipsing Binary Star KIC 4862625 and the Independent Discovery and Characterization of the two transiting planets in the Kepler-47 System    [PDF]

Veselin B. Kostov, Peter McCullough, Tobias Hinse, Zlatan Tsvetanov, Guillaume Hébrard, Rodrigo Díaz, Magali Deleuil, Jeff A. Valenti

1210.3941 (Hassan M. Basurah)

New additional material of meteor showers during 9th -19th centuries in the Islamic history    [PDF]

Hassan M. Basurah

1210.4009 (A. Fortier et al.)

Planet formation models: the interplay with the planetesimal disc    [PDF]

A. Fortier, Y. Alibert, F. Carron, W. Benz, K. -M. Dittkrist

1210.4015 (S. Hartmann et al.)

Observations and NLTE Modeling of the Gaseous Planetary Debris Disk around Ton 345    [PDF]

S. Hartmann, T. Nagel, T. Rauch, K. Werner

1210.4132 (Gijs D. Mulders et al.)

Why circumstellar disks are so faint in scattered light: The case of HD 100546    [PDF]

Gijs D. Mulders, Michiel Min, Carsten Dominik, John H. Debes, Glenn Schneider