Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3350 (P. Pastor)

Averaged resonant equations for non-gravitational effects without a spherical symmetry and their application for an interstellar gas flow    [PDF]

P. Pastor
Within the framework of the circular restricted three body problem we investigate the motion of a dust particle captured into a mean motion resonance with a planet under the action of non-gravitational effects. From equations of motion in a near-canonical form averaged resonant equations are derived. The averaged resonant equations describe secular variations of the particle orbit in the mean motion resonance. The secular variations of the particle orbit caused by the non-gravitational effects can depend on the orientation of the orbit in space. The averaged resonant equations are derived with this dependence taken into account. We also present an alternative way how the averaged resonant equations can be derived. We applied derived theory for the case when non-gravitational effects are the Poynting-Robertson effect, radial stellar wind and interstellar wind. Obtained analytical and numerical results are in excellent agreement in the Solar system. We found that types of orbits correspond to libration centers of conservative problem. We show that for the considered non-gravitational effects from the averaged resonant equations any stationary solution can not be obtained.
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