Friday, February 1, 2013

1009.5814 (P. von Paris et al.)

The extrasolar planet GL 581 d: A potentially habitable planet?    [PDF]

P. von Paris, S. Gebauer, M. Godolt, J. L. Grenfell, P. Hedelt, D. Kitzmann, A. B. C. Patzer, H. Rauer, B. Stracke

1301.7431 (Brad Hansen et al.)

Testing In Situ Assembly with the Kepler Planet Candidate Sample    [PDF]

Brad Hansen, Norm Murray

1301.7433 (Hilke E. Schlichting et al.)

Initial Planetesimal Sizes and the Size Distribution of Small Kuiper Belt Objects    [PDF]

Hilke E. Schlichting, Cesar I. Fuentes, David E. Trilling

1301.7470 (Graciela Matrajt et al.)

The origin of the 3.4 micron feature in Wild 2 cometary particles and in ultracarbonaceous interplanetary dust particles    [PDF]

Graciela Matrajt, George Flynn, Don Brownlee, Dave Joswiak, Sasa Bajt

1301.7586 (Ch. Helling et al.)

Ionisation in atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and extrasolar planets III. Breakdown conditions for mineral clouds    [PDF]

Ch. Helling, M. Jardine, C. Stark, D. Diver