Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1111.3019 (Benoît Noyelles)

Behavior of nearby synchronous rotation of a Poincaré-Hough satellite at low eccentricity    [PDF]

Benoît Noyelles

1111.3046 (Julia Fang et al.)

The Role of Kozai Cycles in Near-Earth Binary Asteroids    [PDF]

Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot

1111.3079 (Shugo Michikoshi et al.)

Secular Gravitational Instability of a Dust Layer in Shear Turbulence    [PDF]

Shugo Michikoshi, Eiichiro Kokubo, Shu-ichiro Inutsuka

1111.3083 (Guillaume Laibe et al.)

Revisiting the "radial-drift barrier" of planet formation and its relevance in observed protoplanetary discs    [PDF]

Guillaume Laibe, Jean-François Gonzalez, Sarah T. Maddison

1111.3090 (Guillaume Laibe et al.)

Dusty gas with SPH - I. Algorithm and test suite    [PDF]

Guillaume Laibe, Daniel J. Price

1111.3144 (J. Horner et al.)

Jupiter - Friend or Foe? IV: The influence of orbital eccentricity and inclination    [PDF]

J. Horner, B. W. Jones

1111.3147 (W. K. M. Rice et al.)

Convergence of SPH simulations of self-gravitating accretion discs: Sensitivity to the implementation of radiative cooling    [PDF]

W. K. M. Rice, D. H. Forgan, P. J. Armitage

1111.3292 (D. Jewitt et al.)

Limits to Ice on Asteroids (24) Themis and (65) Cybele    [PDF]

D. Jewitt, A. Guilbert-Lepoutre