Friday, April 26, 2013

1304.6726 (Sarah Ballard et al.)

Exoplanet Characterization by Proxy: a Transiting 2.15 R_Earth Planet Near the Habitable Zone of the Late K dwarf Kepler-61    [PDF]

Sarah Ballard, David Charbonneau, Francois Fressin, Guillermo Torres, Jonathan Irwin, Jean-Michel Desert, Elisabeth Newton, Andrew W. Mann, David R. Ciardi, Justin R. Crepp, Christopher E. Henze, Stephen T. Bryson, Steven B. Howell, Elliott P. Horch, Mark E. Everett, Avi Shporer

1304.6755 (G. Nowak et al.)

Planetary-mass companions to the K-giants BD+15 2940 and HD 233604    [PDF]

G. Nowak, A. Niedzielski, A. Wolszczan, M. Adamów, G. Maciejewski

1304.6841 (Simchon Faigler et al.)

BEER analysis of Kepler and CoRoT light curves: I. Discovery of a hot Jupiter with superrotation evidence in Kepler data    [PDF]

Simchon Faigler, Lev Tal-Or, Tsevi Mazeh, Dave W. Latham, Lars A. Buchhave

1304.6867 (Yue Wang et al.)

Stability of the classical type of relative equilibria of a rigid body in the J2 problem    [PDF]

Yue Wang, Shijie Xu

1304.6891 (Michelangelo Formisano et al.)

The heating history of Vesta and the onset of differentiation    [PDF]

Michelangelo Formisano, Costanzo Federico, Diego Turrini, Angioletta Coradini, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Cristina Pauselli

1304.6892 (Alexey Rosaev)

Stability of binary on highly eccentric orbit    [PDF]

Alexey Rosaev

1304.6953 (Ryan Vilim et al.)

The Effect of Lower Mantle Metallization on Magnetic Field Generation in Rocky Exoplanets    [PDF]

Ryan Vilim, Sabine Stanley, Linda Elkins-Tanton