Sunday, November 4, 2012

1211.0009 (Angela Zalucha et al.)

A 3D general circulation model for Pluto and Triton with fixed volatile abundance and simplified surface forcing    [PDF]

Angela Zalucha, Timothy Michaels

1211.0023 (Rebecca G. Martin et al.)

On the formation and evolution of asteroid belts and their potential significance for life    [PDF]

Rebecca G. Martin, Mario Livio

1211.0140 (Bidya Binay Karak et al.)

Flux Transport Dynamo coupled with a Fast Tachocline Scenario    [PDF]

Bidya Binay Karak, Kristof Petrovay

1211.0165 (Bidya Binay Karak et al.)

Modelling grand minima of solar activity using a flux transport dynamo model    [PDF]

Bidya Binay Karak, Arnab Rai Choudhuri

1211.0218 (M. Montalto et al.)

A new analysis of the WASP-3 system: no evidence for an additional companion    [PDF]

M. Montalto, J. Gregorio, G. Boue', A. Mortier, I. Boisse, M. Oshagh, M. Maturi, P. Figueira, S. Sousa, N. C. Santos