Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1207.5154 (M. Akbar-Moghanjoughi)

Shukla-Eliasson Attractive Force: Revisited    [PDF]

M. Akbar-Moghanjoughi

1207.5160 (Joseph F. Lemaire)

The effect of a southward interplanetary magnetic field on Störmer's allowed regions    [PDF]

Joseph F. Lemaire

1207.5224 (Andreas Reufer et al.)

A hit-and-run Giant Impact scenario    [PDF]

Andreas Reufer, Matthias M. M. Meier, Willy Benz, Rainer Wieler

1207.5250 (Julia Fang et al.)

Architecture of Planetary Systems Based on Kepler Data: Number of Planets and Coplanarity    [PDF]

Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot

1207.5365 (Alexander Hubbard)

Turbulence induced collisional velocities and density enhancements: large inertial range results from shell models    [PDF]

Alexander Hubbard

1207.5436 (Rodolfo Gustavo Cionco et al.)

Dynamical characterization of the last prolonged solar minima    [PDF]

Rodolfo Gustavo Cionco, Rosa Hilda Compagnucci

1207.5481 (Dimitri Mawet et al.)

Review of small-angle coronagraphic techniques in the wake of ground-based second-generation adaptive optics systems    [PDF]

Dimitri Mawet, Laurent Pueyo, Peter Lawson, Laurent Mugnier, Wesley Traub, Anthony Boccaletti, John Trauger, Szymon Gladysz, Eugene Serabyn, Julien Milli, Ruslan Belikov, Markus Kasper, Pierre Baudoz, Bruce Macintosh, Christian Marois, Ben Oppenheimer, Harrisson Barrett, Jean-Luc Beuzit, Nicolas Devaney, Julien Girard, Olivier Guyon, John Krist, Bertrand Mennesson, David Mouillet, Naoshi Murakami, Lisa Poyneer, Dmitri Savransky, Christophe V ́erinaud, James K. Wallace