Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.6985 (Sharon Xuesong Wang et al.)

The Discovery of HD 37605c and a Dispositive Null Detection of Transits of HD 37605b    [PDF]

Sharon Xuesong Wang, Jason T. Wright, William Cochran, Stephen R. Kane, Gregory W. Henry, Matthew J. Payne, Michael Endl, Phillip J. MacQueen, Jeff A. Valenti, Victoria Antoci, Diana Dragomir, Jaymie M. Matthews, Andrew W. Howard, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Howard Isaacson, Eric B. Ford, Suvrath Mahadevan, Kaspar von Braun

1210.7059 (Alex Rosaev)

Quadrantids filaments modeling    [PDF]

Alex Rosaev

1210.7066 (J. A. Noble et al.)

The thermal reactivity of HCN and NH3 in interstellar ice analogues    [PDF]

J. A. Noble, P. Theule, F. Borget, G. Danger, M. Chomat, F. Duvernay, F. Mispelaer, T. Chiavassa

1210.7122 (Ralf Kaiser)

The axisymmetric antidynamo theorem revisited    [PDF]

Ralf Kaiser