Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5072 (A. Müller et al.)

Reanalysis of the FEROS observations of HIP 11952    [PDF]

A. Müller, V. Roccatagliata, Th. Henning, D. Fedele, A. Pasquali, E. Caffau, M. V. Rodríguez-Ledesma, M. Mohler-Fischer, U. Seemann, R. J. Klement
Aims. We reanalyze FEROS observations of the star HIP 11952 to reassess the existence of the proposed planetary system. Methods. The radial velocity of the spectra were measured by cross-correlating the observed spectrum with a synthetic template. We also analyzed a large dataset of FEROS and HARPS archival data of the calibrator HD 10700 spanning over more than five years. We compared the barycentric velocities computed by the FEROS and HARPS pipelines. Results. The barycentric correction of the FEROS-DRS pipeline was found to be inaccurate and to introduce an artificial one-year period with a semi-amplitude of 62 m/s. Thus the reanalysis of the FEROS data does not support the existence of planets around HIP 11952.
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