Monday, August 20, 2012

1208.3462 (Tyler D. Groff et al.)

Kalman Filter Estimation for Focal Plane Wavefront Correction    [PDF]

Tyler D. Groff, N. Jeremy Kasdin

1208.3499 (Jason H. Steffen et al.)

Transit Timing Observations from Kepler: VII. Confirmation of 27 planets in 13 multiplanet systems via Transit Timing Variations and orbital stability    [PDF]

Jason H. Steffen, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Eric Agol, Eric B. Ford, Robert C. Morehead, William D. Cochran, Jack J. Lissauer, Elisabeth R. Adams, William J. Borucki, Steve Bryson, Douglas A. Caldwell, Andrea Dupree, Jon M. Jenkins, Paul Robertson, Jason F. Rowe, Shawn Seader, Susan Thompson, Joseph D. Twicken

1208.3583 (Hanno Rein)

Period ratios in multi-planetary systems discovered by Kepler are consistent with planet migration    [PDF]

Hanno Rein

1208.3591 (D. Armstrong et al.)

A transiting companion to the eclipsing binary KIC002856960    [PDF]

D. Armstrong, D. Pollacco, C. A. Watson, F. Faedi, Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew, H. M. Cegla, P. McDaid, J. Burton, J. McCormac, I. Skillen