Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0013 (Pascale Garaud et al.)

From dust to planetesimals: an improved model for collisional growth in protoplanetary disks    [PDF]

Pascale Garaud, Farzana Meru, Marina Galvagni, Christoph Olczak

1209.0050 (René Heller)

Exomoon habitability constrained by energy flux and orbital stability    [PDF]

René Heller

1209.0101 (Hajime Kawahara)

The Spin Effect on Planetary Radial Velocimetry of Exoplanets    [PDF]

Hajime Kawahara

1209.0319 (Bidya Binay Karak et al.)

On the compatibility of a flux transport dynamo with a fast tachocline scenario    [PDF]

Bidya Binay Karak, Kristof Petrovay

1209.0470 (Min-Kai Lin)

Non-barotropic linear Rossby wave instability in three-dimensional disks    [PDF]

Min-Kai Lin

1209.0525 (Gary W. Gibbons et al.)

On the Geometry of Cumulative Crater Counts    [PDF]

Gary W. Gibbons, Marcus C. Werner

1209.0558 (A. García Muñoz et al.)

The June 2012 transit of Venus. Framework for interpretation of observations    [PDF]

A. García Muñoz, F. P. Mills

1209.0591 (Giambattista Aresu et al.)

FUV and X-ray irradiated protoplanetary disks: a grid of models II - Gas diagnostic line emission    [PDF]

Giambattista Aresu, Rowin Meijerink, Inga Kamp, Marco Spaans, Wing-Fai Thi, Peter Woitke

1209.0602 (Georg Feulner)

On the Relation between Solar Activity and Clear-Sky Terrestrial Irradiance    [PDF]

Georg Feulner

1209.0608 (J. Horner et al.)

A Dynamical Analysis of the Proposed Circumbinary HW Virginis Planetary System    [PDF]

J. Horner, T. C. Hinse, R. A. Wittenmyer, J. P. Marshall, C. G. Tinney

1209.0635 (A. Fienga)

Planetary ephemerides and gravity tests in the solar system    [PDF]

A. Fienga

1209.0671 (William Sparks et al.)

Remote Sensing of Chiral Signatures on Mars    [PDF]

William Sparks, James H. Hough, Thomas A. Germer, Frank Robb, Ludmilla Kolokolova