Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6639 (Alexander Hubbard)

Turbulence Induced Collision Velocities and Rates between Different Sized Dust Grains    [PDF]

Alexander Hubbard

1303.6645 (Manfred Cuntz)

S-Type and P-Type Habitability in Stellar Binary Systems: A Comprehensive Approach. I. Method and Applications    [PDF]

Manfred Cuntz

1303.6736 (Yuan-Yuan Chen et al.)

A Mechanism of Exciting Planetary Inclination and Eccentricity through a Residual Gas Disk    [PDF]

Yuan-Yuan Chen, Hui-Gen Liu, Gang Zhao, Ji-Lin Zhou

1303.6743 (Sean Wahl et al.)

Solubility of Iron in Metallic Hydrogen and Stability of Dense Cores in Giant Planets    [PDF]

Sean Wahl, Hugh F. Wilson, Burkhard Militzer

1303.6783 (J. P. Beaulieu et al.)

Space based microlensing planet searches    [PDF]

J. P. Beaulieu, P. Tisserand, V. Batista

1303.6804 (J. L. Grenfell et al.)

Potential Biosignatures in Super-Earth Atmospheres II. Photochemical Responses    [PDF]

J. L. Grenfell, S. Gebauer, M. Godolt, K. Palczynski, H. Rauer, J. Stock, P. v. Paris, R. Lehmann, F. Selsis