Friday, November 25, 2011

1111.5019 (X. Bonfils et al.)

The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXI. The M-dwarf sample    [PDF]

X. Bonfils, X. Delfosse, S. Udry, T. Forveille, M. Mayor, C. Perrier, F. Bouchy, M. Gillon, C. Lovis, F. Pepe, D. Queloz, N. C. Santos, D. Ségransan, J. -L. Bertaux

1111.5478 (J. Budaj et al.)

Day and night side core cooling of a strongly irradiated giant planet    [PDF]

J. Budaj, I. Hubeny, A. Burrows

1111.5486 (Alexandre C. M. Correia et al.)

Pumping the eccentricity of exoplanets by tidal effect    [PDF]

Alexandre C. M. Correia, Gwenaël Boué, Jacques Laskar

1111.5499 (Mariana Orellana et al.)

Transition disks: 4 candidates for ongoing giant planet formation in Ophiuchus (Research Note)    [PDF]

Mariana Orellana, Lucas. A. Cieza, M. R. Schreiber, B. Merin, J. M. Brown, L. J. Pellizza, Gisela A. Romero

1111.5590 (Brian C. Thomas et al.)

Revisiting the Carrington Event: Updated modeling of atmospheric effects    [PDF]

Brian C. Thomas, Keith R. Arkenberg, Brock R. Snyder II

1111.5599 (Luis Ricardo M. Tusnski et al.)

Transit Model of Planets with Moon and Ring System    [PDF]

Luis Ricardo M. Tusnski, Adriana Valio

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1111.4919 (G. Fischer et al.)

Overview of Saturn lightning observations    [PDF]

G. Fischer, U. A. Dyudina, W. S. Kurth, D. A. Gurnett, P. Zarka, T. Barry, M. Delcroix, C. Go, D. Peach, R. Vandebergh, A. Wesley

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1110.2694 (V. Neves et al.)

Metallicity of M dwarfs II. A comparative study of photometric metallicity scales    [PDF]

V. Neves, X. Bonfils, N. C. Santos, X. Delfosse, T. Forveille, F. Allard, C. Natário, C. S. Fernandes, S. Udry

1111.2872 (Scott G. Engle et al.)

Red Dwarf Stars: Ages, Rotation, Magnetic Dynamo Activity and the Habitability of Hosted Planets    [PDF]

Scott G. Engle, Edward F. Guinan

1111.3682 (Konstantin Batygin et al.)

Instability-Driven Dynamical Evolution Model of a Primordially 5 Planet Outer Solar System    [PDF]

Konstantin Batygin, Michael E. Brown, Hayden Betts

1111.3746 (Masashi Omiya et al.)

A Planetary Companion to the Intermediate-Mass Giant HD 100655    [PDF]

Masashi Omiya, Inwoo Han, Hideyuki Izumiura, Byeong-Cheol Lee, Bun'ei Sato, Kang-Min Kim, Tae Seog Yoon, Eiji Kambe, Michitoshi Yoshida, Seiji Masuda, Eri Toyota, Seitaro Urakawa, Masahide Takada-Hidai

1111.3755 (Alexey Rosaev)

Capture in restricted four body problem    [PDF]

Alexey Rosaev

1111.3843 (G. Voyatzis et al.)

The dynamics of the elliptic Hill problem : Periodic orbits and stability regions    [PDF]

G. Voyatzis, I. Gkolias, H. Varvoglis

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1111.3019 (Benoît Noyelles)

Behavior of nearby synchronous rotation of a Poincaré-Hough satellite at low eccentricity    [PDF]

Benoît Noyelles

1111.3046 (Julia Fang et al.)

The Role of Kozai Cycles in Near-Earth Binary Asteroids    [PDF]

Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot

1111.3079 (Shugo Michikoshi et al.)

Secular Gravitational Instability of a Dust Layer in Shear Turbulence    [PDF]

Shugo Michikoshi, Eiichiro Kokubo, Shu-ichiro Inutsuka

1111.3083 (Guillaume Laibe et al.)

Revisiting the "radial-drift barrier" of planet formation and its relevance in observed protoplanetary discs    [PDF]

Guillaume Laibe, Jean-François Gonzalez, Sarah T. Maddison

1111.3090 (Guillaume Laibe et al.)

Dusty gas with SPH - I. Algorithm and test suite    [PDF]

Guillaume Laibe, Daniel J. Price

1111.3144 (J. Horner et al.)

Jupiter - Friend or Foe? IV: The influence of orbital eccentricity and inclination    [PDF]

J. Horner, B. W. Jones

1111.3147 (W. K. M. Rice et al.)

Convergence of SPH simulations of self-gravitating accretion discs: Sensitivity to the implementation of radiative cooling    [PDF]

W. K. M. Rice, D. H. Forgan, P. J. Armitage

1111.3292 (D. Jewitt et al.)

Limits to Ice on Asteroids (24) Themis and (65) Cybele    [PDF]

D. Jewitt, A. Guilbert-Lepoutre

Friday, November 11, 2011

1110.4876 (Hanno Rein et al.)

REBOUND: An open-source multi-purpose N-body code for collisional dynamics    [PDF]

Hanno Rein, Shang-Fei Liu

1111.2363 (Jasmina Blecic et al.)

Thermal Emission of WASP-14b Revealed with Three Spitzer Eclipses    [PDF]

Jasmina Blecic, Joseph Harrington, Nikku Madhusudhan, Kevin B. Stevenson, Ryan A. Hardy, Christopher J. Campo, William C. Bowman, Sarah Nymeyer, Patricio Cubillos, David R. Anderson

1111.2393 (Julia Fang et al.)

Binary Asteroid Encounters with Terrestrial Planets: Timescales and Effects    [PDF]

Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot

1111.2427 (M. Todd et al.)

Search strategies for Trojan asteroids in the inner Solar System    [PDF]

M. Todd, D. M. Coward, M. G. Zadnik

1111.2443 (Arnab Rai Choudhuri)

Back-reactions of dynamo-generated magnetic fields: Torsional oscillations and variations in meridional circulation    [PDF]

Arnab Rai Choudhuri

1111.2528 (Carolin Früh et al.)

Object Image Linking of Earth Orbiting Objects in the Presence of Cosmics    [PDF]

Carolin Früh, Thomas Schildknecht

1111.2568 (M. M. Hedman et al.)

The three-dimensional structure of Saturn's E ring    [PDF]

M. M. Hedman, J. A. Burns, D. P. Hamilton, M. R. Showalter

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1103.3448 (Mathieu Vincendon et al.)

New near-IR observations of mesospheric CO2 and H2O clouds on Mars    [PDF]

Mathieu Vincendon, Cedric Pilorget, Brigitte Gondet, Scott Murchie, Jean-Pierre Bibring

1111.1741 (András Pál)

Light curve modelling for mutual transits    [PDF]

András Pál

1111.1793 (Benjamin M. Tofflemire et al.)

The Implications of M Dwarf Flares on the Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets at Infrared Wavelengths    [PDF]

Benjamin M. Tofflemire, John P. Wisniewski, Adam F. Kowalski, Sarah J. Schmidt, Praveen Kundurthy, Eric J. Hilton, Jon A. Holtzman, Suzanne L. Hawley

1111.1858 (A. Bonsor et al.)

The scattering of small bodies in planetary systems: constraints on the possible orbits of cometary material    [PDF]

A. Bonsor, M. C. Wyatt

1111.1937 (Kazem Faghei)

Numerical study of self-gravitating protoplanetary discs    [PDF]

Kazem Faghei

1111.1985 (Patrick D. Rogers et al.)

The fragmentation of protostellar discs: the Hill criterion for spiral arms    [PDF]

Patrick D. Rogers, James Wadsley

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1012.4609 (K. I. Antoniadou et al.)

On the bifurcation and continuation of periodic orbits in the three-body problem    [PDF]

K. I. Antoniadou, G. Voyatzis, T. Kotoulas

1111.0186 (Robert J. Teed et al.)

Rapidly rotating plane layer convection with zonal flow    [PDF]

Robert J. Teed, Chris A. Jones, Rainer Hollerbach

1111.0221 (Anders Johansen et al.)

Adding particle collisions to the formation of asteroids and Kuiper belt objects via streaming instabilities    [PDF]

Anders Johansen, Andrew Youdin, Yoram Lithwick

1111.0297 (Rebekah I. Dawson et al.)

On the misalignment of the directly imaged planet β Pictoris b with the system's warped inner disk    [PDF]

Rebekah I. Dawson, Ruth A. Murray-Clay, Daniel C. Fabrycky

1111.0299 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

Identifying Non-Resonant Kepler Planetary Systems    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, Eric B. Ford

1111.0535 (Bastian Gundlach et al.)

Outgassing of icy bodies in the Solar System - II. Heat transport in dry, porous surface dust layers    [PDF]

Bastian Gundlach, Jürgen Blum