Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.1075 (A. Olech et al.)

PF191012 Myszyniec - highest Orionid meteor ever recorded    [PDF]

A. Olech, P. Zoladek, M. Wisniewski, K. Fietkiewicz, M. Maciejewski, Z. Tyminski, T. Krzyzanowski, M. Krasnowski, M. Kwinta, M. Myszkiewicz, K. Polakowski, P. Zareba
On the night of Oct 18/19, 2012 at 00:23 UT a -14.7 mag Orionid fireball occurred over northeastern Poland. The precise orbit and atmospheric trajectory of the event is presented, based on the data collected by five video and one photographic Polish Fireball Network (PFN) stations. The beginning height of the meteor is 168.4 +\- 0.6 km which makes the PF191012 Myszyniec fireball the highest ever observed, well documented meteor not belonging to the Leonid shower. The ablation became the dominant source of light of the meteor at a height of around 115 km. The thermalization of sputtered particles is suggested to be the source of radiation above that value. The transition height of 115 km is 10-15 km below the transition heights derived for Leonids and it might suggest that the material of Leonids should be more fragile and have probably smaller bulk density than in case of Orionids.
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