Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4941 (Thomas Barclay et al.)

A super-Earth-sized planet orbiting in or near the habitable zone around Sun-like star    [PDF]

Thomas Barclay, Christopher J. Burke, Steve B. Howell, Jason F. Rowe, Daniel Huber, Howard Isaacson, Jon M. Jenkins, Rea Kolbl, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Elisa V. Quintana, Martin Still, Joseph D. Twicken, Stephen T. Bryson, William J. Borucki, Douglas A. Caldwell, David Ciardi, Bruce D. Clarke, Jessie L Christiansen, Jeffrey L. Coughlin, Debra A. Fischer, Jie Li, Michael R. Haas, Roger Hunter, Jack J. Lissauer, Fergal Mullally, Anima Sabale, Shawn E. Seader, Jeffrey C. Smith, Peter Tenenbaum, AKM Kamal Uddin, Susan E. Thompson

1304.4945 (Greg Bernero et al.)

Atmospheric Dependence of the Stopping Cosmic Ray Muon Rate at Ground Level    [PDF]

Greg Bernero, Jacob Olitsky, Reinhard A. Schumacher

1304.4956 (Federico Fraschetti)

Turbulent amplification of magnetic field driven by dynamo effect at rippled shocks    [PDF]

Federico Fraschetti

1304.4978 (Duncan Forgan et al.)

Towards a Population Synthesis Model of Objects formed by Self-Gravitating Disc Fragmentation and Tidal Downsizing    [PDF]

Duncan Forgan, Ken Rice

1304.5017 (Hiroshi Kobayashi et al.)

Small Planetesimals in a Massive Disk Formed Mars    [PDF]

Hiroshi Kobayashi, Nicolas Dauphas

1304.5058 (L. Kaltenegger et al.)

Water Planets in the Habitable Zone: Atmospheric Chemistry, Observable Features, and the case of Kepler-62e and -62f    [PDF]

L. Kaltenegger, D. Sasselov, S. Rugheimer

1304.5082 (D. García Yárnoz et al.)

Easily Retrievable Objects among the NEO Population    [PDF]

D. García Yárnoz, J. P. Sánchez, C. R. McInnes

1304.5157 (Konstantin Batygin et al.)

Mass-Radius Relationships for Very Low Mass Gaseous Planets    [PDF]

Konstantin Batygin, David J. Stevenson

1304.5166 (Konstantin Batygin)

A Primordial Origin for Misalignments Between Stellar Spin Axes and Planetary Orbits    [PDF]

Konstantin Batygin

1304.5233 (C. R. O'Dell et al.)

Studies of NGC 6720 with Calibrated HST WFC3 Emission-Line Filter Images--III:Tangential Motions using AstroDrizzle Images    [PDF]

C. R. O'Dell, G. J. Ferland, W. J. Henney, M. Peimbert