Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3135 (Naoki Seto)

Analyses on a Relativistic Hierarchical Resonance with the Hamiltonian Approach    [PDF]

Naoki Seto

1301.3145 (Nathan A. Kaib et al.)

Planetary System Disruption by Galactic Perturbations to Wide Binary Stars    [PDF]

Nathan A. Kaib, Sean N. Raymond, Martin Duncan

1301.3178 (Alan P. Boss)

Orbital Migration of Protoplanets in a Marginally Gravitationally Unstable Disk    [PDF]

Alan P. Boss

1301.3211 (Benjamin C. Bromley et al.)

Migration of small moons in Saturn's rings    [PDF]

Benjamin C. Bromley, Scott J. Kenyon

1301.3245 (Pedro J. Torres et al.)

Mathematical analysis of a model for moon-triggered clumping in Saturn's rings    [PDF]

Pedro J. Torres, Prasanna Madhusudhanan, Larry W. Esposito

1301.3380 (E. J. W. de Mooij et al.)

The GROUSE project III: Ks-band observations of the thermal emission from WASP-33b    [PDF]

E. J. W. de Mooij, M. Brogi, R. J. de Kok, I. A. G. Snellen, M. A. Kenworthy, R. Karjalainen

1301.3438 (Mikko Tuomi)

Signals embedded in the radial velocity noise    [PDF]

Mikko Tuomi