Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1304.3455 (Andrew Gould)

LSST's DC Bias Against Planets and Galactic-Plane Science    [PDF]

Andrew Gould

1304.3714 (Andras Zsom et al.)

Towards the Minimum Inner Edge Distance of the Habitable Zone    [PDF]

Andras Zsom, Sara Seager, Julien de Wit

1304.3735 (M. M. Hedman et al.)

Kronoseismology: Using density waves in Saturn's C ring to probe the planet's interior    [PDF]

M. M. Hedman, P. D. Nicholson

1304.3818 (Michael S. Kelley et al.)

The Persistent Activity of Jupiter-Family Comets at 3 to 7 AU    [PDF]

Michael S. Kelley, Yanga R. Fernandez, Javier Licandro, Carey M. Lisse, William T. Reach, Michael F. A'Hearn, James Bauer, Humberto Campins, Alan Fitzsimmons, Olivier Groussin, Philippe L. Lamy, Stephen C. Lowry, Karen J. Meech, Jana Pittichova, Colin Snodgrass, Imre Toth, Harold A. Weaver

1304.3870 (Kiwan Park)

Influence of initial conditions on large scale dynamo growth rate    [PDF]

Kiwan Park

1304.3983 (Z. Malkin et al.)

Forthcoming mutual events of planets and astrometric radio sources    [PDF]

Z. Malkin, V. L'vov, S. Tsekmejster

1304.3985 (N. Miller et al.)

Analysis of Polar Motion Variations from 170-year Observation Series    [PDF]

N. Miller, Z. Malkin

1304.4014 (Remco J. de Kok et al.)

Detection of carbon monoxide in the high-resolution day-side spectrum of the exoplanet HD 189733b    [PDF]

Remco J. de Kok, Matteo Brogi, Ignas A. G. Snellen, Jayne Birkby, Simon Albrecht, Ernst J. W. de Mooij

1304.4043 (Edwin S. Kite et al.)

Constraints on early Mars atmospheric pressure inferred from small ancient craters    [PDF]

Edwin S. Kite, Jean-Pierre Williams, Antoine Lucas, Oded Aharonson

1304.4121 (Aristotle Socrates)

Relationship Between Thermal Tides and Radius Excess    [PDF]

Aristotle Socrates

1304.4130 (A. Zurlo et al.)

Astrophysical false positives in direct imaging for exoplanets: a white dwarf close to a rejuvenated star    [PDF]

A. Zurlo, A. Vigan, J. Hagelberg, S. Desidera, G. Chauvin, J. M. Almenara, K. Biazzo, M. Bonnefoy, J. C. Carson, E. Covino, P. Delorme, V. D'Orazi, R. Gratton, D. Mesa, S. Messina, C. Moutou, D. Segransan, M. Turatto, S. Udry, F. Wildi

1304.4148 (T. M. Rogers et al.)

On the Tidal Dissipation of Obliquity    [PDF]

T. M. Rogers, D. N. C. Lin

1304.4204 (Michael S. Kelley et al.)

A Distribution of Large Particles in the Coma of Comet 103P/Hartley 2    [PDF]

Michael S. Kelley, Don J. Lindler, Dennis Bodewits, Michael F. A'Hearn, Carey M. Lisse, Ludmilla Kolokolova, Jochen Kissel, Brendan Hermalyn

1304.4215 (Amit Levi et al.)

Volatile Transport inside Super-Earths by Entrapment in the Water Ice Matrix    [PDF]

Amit Levi, Dimitar Sasselov, Morris Podolak