Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1211.4028 (Benjamin T. Montet et al.)

Model-Independent Stellar and Planetary Masses from Multi-Transiting Exoplanetary Systems    [PDF]

Benjamin T. Montet, John Asher Johnson

1211.4096 (Xiaodong Liu et al.)

The Hill Stability of Triple Minor Planets in the Solar System    [PDF]

Xiaodong Liu, Hexi Baoyin, Nikolaos Georgakarakos, John Richard Donnison, Xingrui Ma

1211.4309 (Yao Liu et al.)

A Comparison of Approaches in Fitting Continuum SEDs    [PDF]

Yao Liu, David Madlener, Sebastian Wolf, Hongchi Wang

1211.4351 (A. Alvarez-Candal)

SDSS photometry of Asteroids in Cometary Orbits    [PDF]

A. Alvarez-Candal

1211.4367 (Philip von Paris et al.)

Atmospheric constraints for the CO2 partial pressure on terrestrial planets near the outer edge of the habitable zone    [PDF]

Philip von Paris, J. Lee Grenfell, Pascal Hedelt, Heike Rauer, Franck Selsis, Barbara Stracke

1211.4491 (S. Grzedzielski et al.)

Heavy coronal ions in the heliosphere. II. Expected fluxes of energetic neutral He atoms from the heliosheath    [PDF]

S. Grzedzielski, P. Swaczyna, M. Bzowski

1211.4533 (C. Beauge et al.)

Emerging Trends in a Period-Radius Distribution of Close-in Planets    [PDF]

C. Beauge, D. Nesvorny