Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1205.1059 (Edward Belbruno et al.)

Chaotic exchange of solid material between planetary systems: implications for lithopanspermia    [PDF]

Edward Belbruno, Amaya Moro-Martin, Renu Malhotra, Dmitry Savransky

1205.1058 (Nicolas B. Cowan et al.)

A False Positive For Ocean Glint on Exoplanets: the Latitude-Albedo Effect    [PDF]

Nicolas B. Cowan, Dorian S. Abbot, Aiko Voigt

1205.1079 (I. Pascucci et al.)

Free-free Emission and Radio Recombination Lines from Photoevaporating Disks    [PDF]

I. Pascucci, U. Gorti, D. Hollenbach

1205.1341 (Mariusz Slonina et al.)

Testing a hypothesis of the νOctantis planetary system    [PDF]

Mariusz Slonina, Krzysztof Gozdziewski, Cezary Migaszewski, Anna Rozenkiewicz

1205.1382 (Leslie A. Young)

Volatile transport on inhomogeneous surfaces: I. Analytic expressions, with application to Pluto's day    [PDF]

Leslie A. Young

1205.1388 (Guillem Anglada-Escudé et al.)

Design and Construction of Absorption Cells for Precision Radial Velocities in the K Band using Methane Isotopologues    [PDF]

Guillem Anglada-Escudé, Peter Plavchan, Sean Mills, Peter Gao, Edgardo García-Berríos, Nathan S. Lewis, Keeyoon Sung, David R. Ciardi, Chas A. Beichman, Carolyn Brinkworth, John A. Johnson, Cassy Davison, Russel J. White, Lisa A. Prato

1205.1430 (Filippo Pantellini et al.)

Nano dust impacts on spacecraft and boom antenna charging    [PDF]

Filippo Pantellini, Soraya Belheouane, Nicole Meyer-Vernet, Arnaud Zaslavsky