Thursday, October 27, 2011

1107.5750 (Jean-Michel Désert et al.)

The hot-Jupiter Kepler-17b: discovery, obliquity from stroboscopic starspots, and atmospheric characterization    [PDF]

Jean-Michel Désert, David Charbonneau, Brice-Olivier Demory, Sarah Ballard, Joshua A. Carter, Jonathan J. Fortney, William D. Cochran, Michael Endl, Samuel N. Quinn, Howard T. Isaacson, Francois Fressin, Lars A. Buchhave, David W. Latham, Heather A. Knutson, Stephen T. Bryson, Guillermo Torres, Jason F. Rowe, Natalie M. Batalha, William J. Borucki, Timothy M. Brown, Douglas A. Caldwell, Jessie L. Christiansen, Drake Deming, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Eric B. Ford, Ronald L. Gilliland, Michaël Gillon, Michaël R. Haas, Jon M. Jenkins, Karen Kinemuchi, David Koch, Jack J. Lissauer, Fergal Mullally, Phillip J. MacQueen, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Dimitar D. Sasselov, Sara Seager, Martin Still, Peter Tenenbaum, Kamal Uddin, Joshua N. Winn

1109.0582 (Jacob L. Bean et al.)

The Optical and Near-Infrared Transmission Spectrum of the Super-Earth GJ1214b: Further Evidence for a Metal-Rich Atmosphere    [PDF]

Jacob L. Bean, Jean-Michel Désert, Petr Kabath, Brian Stalder, Sara Seager, Eliza Miller-Ricci Kempton, Zachory K. Berta, Derek Homeier, Shane Walsh, Andreas Seifahrt

1109.1217 (Sergei Nayakshin et al.)

Are SMBHs shrouded by "super-Oort" clouds of comets and asteroids?    [PDF]

Sergei Nayakshin, Sergey Sazonov, Rashid Sunyaev

1110.5725 (Dibyendu Nandy)

Dynamo Models of the Solar Cycle: Current Trends and Future Prospects    [PDF]

Dibyendu Nandy

1110.5750 (A. Vidal-Madjar et al.)

Corrigendum to "The upper atmosphere of the exoplanet HD209458b revealed by the sodium D lines: Temperature-pressure profile, ionization layer and thermosphere" [2011, A&A, 527, A110]    [PDF]

A. Vidal-Madjar, C. M. Huitson, A. Lecavelier des Etangs, D. K. Sing, R. Ferlet, J. -M. Désert, G. Hébrard, I. Boisse, D. Ehrenreich, C. Moutou

1110.5820 (J. -B. Delisle et al.)

Chaotic diffusion of the Vesta family induced by close encounters with massive asteroids    [PDF]

J. -B. Delisle, J. Laskar

1110.5840 (E. Herrero et al.)

Optimizing exoplanet transit searches around low-mass stars with inclination constraints    [PDF]

E. Herrero, I. Ribas, C. Jordi, E. F. Guinan, S. G. Engle

1110.5882 (R. Musci et al.)

An Optical Survey for mm-Sized Interstellar Meteoroids    [PDF]

R. Musci, R. J. Weryk, P. Brown, M. D. Campbell-Brown, P. A. Wiegert