Thursday, September 27, 2012

1209.5794 (Joseph R. Masiero et al.)

Preliminary Analysis of WISE/NEOWISE 3-Band Cryogenic and Post-Cryogenic Observations of Main Belt Asteroids    [PDF]

Joseph R. Masiero, A. K. Mainzer, T. Grav, J. M. Bauer, R. M. Cutri, C. Nugent, M. S. Cabrera

1209.5921 (Ken Rice et al.)

How fast do Jupiters grow? Signatures of the snowline and growth rate in the distribution of gas giant planets    [PDF]

Ken Rice, Matthew T. Penny, Keith Horne

1209.5980 (Paul A. Wiegert et al.)

The return of the Andromedids meteor shower    [PDF]

Paul A. Wiegert, Peter G. Brown, Robert J. Weryk, Daniel K. Wong

1209.5996 (Jacques Laskar)

Is the Solar System Stable ?    [PDF]

Jacques Laskar

1209.6025 (I. N. Belskaya et al.)

Polarimetry of transneptunian objects (136472) Makemake and (90482) Orcus    [PDF]

I. N. Belskaya, S. Bagnulo, A. Stinson, G. P. Tozzi, K. Muinonen, Yu. G. Shkuratov, M. A. Barucci, S. Fornasier

1209.6033 (Amy Bonsor et al.)

Scattering of small bodies by planets: a potential origin for exozodiacal dust ?    [PDF]

Amy Bonsor, Jean-Charles Augereau, Philippe Thebault