Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1211.2809 (Sean N. Raymond et al.)

Mini-Oort clouds: Compact isotropic planetesimal clouds from planet-planet scattering    [PDF]

Sean N. Raymond, Philip J. Armitage

1211.2812 (Stephen R. Kane et al.)

On the Habitable Zones of Circumbinary Planetary Systems    [PDF]

Stephen R. Kane, Natalie R. Hinkel

1211.2814 (Bernard Marty et al.)

Primordial origins of Earth's carbon    [PDF]

Bernard Marty, Conel M. O'D. Alexander, Sean N. Raymond

1211.2852 (T. Terasawa et al.)

Cyclotron resonant interactions in cosmic particle accelerators    [PDF]

T. Terasawa, S. Matsukiyo

1211.2889 (Fumihiko Usui et al.)

Albedo Properties of Main Belt Asteroids Based on the Infrared All-Sky Survey of the Astronomical Satellite AKARI    [PDF]

Fumihiko Usui, Toshihiro Kasuga, Sunao Hasegawa, Masateru Ishiguro, Daisuke Kuroda, Thomas G. Mueller, Takafumi Ootsubo, Hideo Matsuhara

1211.2996 (J. I. Moses et al.)

Chemical consequences of the C/O ratio on hot Jupiters: Examples from WASP-12b,CoRoT-2b, XO-1b, and HD 189733b    [PDF]

J. I. Moses, N. Madhusudhan, C. Visscher, R. S. Freedman

1211.3042 (V. V. Busarev)

A hypothesis on the origin of C-type asteroids and carbonaceous chondrites    [PDF]

V. V. Busarev

1211.3045 (A. M. S. Smith et al.)

WASP-71b: a bloated hot Jupiter in an 2.9-day, prograde orbit around an evolved F8 star    [PDF]

A. M. S. Smith, D. R. Anderson, F. Bouchy, A. Collier Cameron, A. P. Doyle, A. Fumel, M. Gillon, G. H├ębrard, C. Hellier, E. Jehin, M. Lendl, P. F. L. Maxted, C. Moutou, F. Pepe, D. Pollacco, D. Queloz, A. Santerne, D. Segransan, B. Smalley, A. H. M . J. Triaud, S. Udry, R. G. West

1211.3078 (Jacob A. Ketchum et al.)

Mean Motion Resonances in Exoplanet Systems: An Investigation Into Nodding Behavior    [PDF]

Jacob A. Ketchum, Fred C. Adams, Anthony M. Bloch

1211.3099 (Bin Yang et al.)

Are Large Trojan Asteroids Salty? An Observational, Theoretical, and Experimental Study    [PDF]

Bin Yang, Paul Lucey, Timothy Glotch