Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1305.6487 (Aleksandar Bogojevic et al.)

Scaling exponents and phase separation in a nonlinear network model inspired by the gravitational accretion    [PDF]

Aleksandar Bogojevic, Antun Balaz, Aleksandar Belic
We study dynamics and scaling exponents in a nonlinear network model inspired by the formation of planetary systems. Dynamics of this model leads to phase separation to two types of condensate, light and heavy, distinguished by how they scale with mass. Light condensate distributions obey power laws given in terms of several identified scaling exponents that do not depend on initial conditions. The analyzed properties of heavy condensates have been found to be scale-free. Calculated mass distributions agree well with more complex models, and fit observations of both our own Solar System, and the best observed extra-solar planetary systems.
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