Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4945 (Greg Bernero et al.)

Atmospheric Dependence of the Stopping Cosmic Ray Muon Rate at Ground Level    [PDF]

Greg Bernero, Jacob Olitsky, Reinhard A. Schumacher
The rate of low energy (< 150 MeV) cosmic ray muons was measured at ground level as a function of several atmospheric parameters. Stopped muons were detected in a plastic scintillator block and correlations were determined using a linear regression model. A strong anti-correlation between fractional changes in the ground-level pressure and stopping muon rate of -3.0 +- 0.5 was found, and also a -4.1 +- 0.5 anti-correlation with the fractional change in atmospheric height at 10 kPa pressure. A weak positive correlation with the 10 kPa temperature was also found, but it was shown not to be statistically significant in our data set. The same analysis was applied to the total rate of all charged cosmic ray particles detected with the same apparatus, and good agreement with previous work was seen. The pressure and height correlation parameters for stopping muons are larger than for the total rate of all charged particles by factors of about 1.6 and 3.7, respectively.
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