Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3631 (M. A. Galiazzo et al.)

A statistical dynamical study of meteorite impactors: a case study based on parameters derived from the Bosumtwi impact event    [PDF]

M. A. Galiazzo, Á. Bazsó, M. S. Huber, A. Losiak, R. Dvorak, C. Koeberl
The study of meteorite craters on Earth provides information about the dynamic evolution of bodies within the Solar System. Bosumtwi crater is a well studied, 10.5 km in diameter, ca. 1.07 Ma old impact structure located in Ghana. The impactor was $\sim$ 1 km in diameter, an ordinary chondrite and struck the Earth with an angle between 30$^\circ$ and 45$^\circ$ from the horizontal. We have used a two phase backward integration to constrain the most probable parent region of the impactor. We find that the most likely source region is a high inclination object from the Middle Main Belt.
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