Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1304.7503 (Sumin Tang et al.)

100-year DASCH Light Curves of Kepler Planet-Candidate Host Stars    [PDF]

Sumin Tang, Dimitar Sasselov, Jonathan Grindlay, Edward Los, Mathieu Servillat
We present 100 year light curves of Kepler planet-candidate host stars from the Digital Access to a Sky Century at Harvard (DASCH) project. 261 out of 997 host stars have at least 10 good measurements on DASCH scans of the Harvard plates. 109 of them have at least 100 good measurements, including 70% (73 out of 104) of all host stars with g<=13 mag, and 44% (100 out of 228) of all host stars with g<=14 mag. Our typical photometric uncertainty is ~0.1-0.15 mag. No variation is found at 3-sigma level for these host stars, including 16 candidate hot Jupiter systems which might be expected to show enhanced flares from magnetic interactions between dwarf primaries and their close and relatively massive planet companions.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.7503

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